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No prizes for guessing
I can spot that a miles off.
It's clear in the look
which comes from your eyes -

'O amor é solitário
andar por entre agente..'

'Hearts drunk in Love,
A whisper between the lovers,
At the silence of the night..'

When the lights turn off,
My eyes softly close,
And a nightmare terrifies me.
It brings all my fears,

Since you hurted me, baby
I've tried to put all the pieces together
Feel my heart like a broken mirror
With millions of pieces spreaded on the ground.

It was a sadly joke,
your love made fun at me.
I felt my heart like a clown,
With lots of smiles and laughters

I brought you a flower,
that I catch in a lovely spring.
I still can feel its smell,
as good as the smell of your perfume

Floating like a harmony on the air,
Winging like a bird between the clouds,
Softly...inside the feelings.
Sometimes is shy, sometimes is dare,

The darkness all around the room,
The cold wind by the window,
Pouring outside the door,
I can see little pieces of water falling from the floor.

At the morning,
A walk at the park,
Childrens, birds, dates all around
I feel your voice on the air,

They are just memories
Not more than memories
Like a old song
Which no one

Sitted at the bar,
We're drinking
Looking each other -
That's makes me think

Touch more time
Tonight, don't leave me alone.
'Cause for your kiss
Is all that I long.

Don't think twice
Or maybe I will say good bye.
And I won't be anymore
That sweet love you dreamed of.

A daring humming-bird went down
to kiss a beautiful flower.
In the garden, he tasted as much flowers as he could
But only one he proved its whole honey.

Sweet song so sweet
You and I
Dancing under the light of the streets...
The night sleeps

The night is falling
And the lights of the city,
the silence is broken
by the songs of the birds.

Maybe your voice will be
In the other side of the line
I am afraid of being alone
I am afraid of being without you tonight.

I was blamed for a mistake that I didn't make,
I was brought to a world that I didn't wait,
I was left for life...
Alone in the Streets.

Trust my love, baby
Can't you see in my eyes?
You're the reason I live
You're the reason I smile.

The Best Poem Of Lindemberg Pereira da Silva

'I Can See Myself Through Your Eyes'

No prizes for guessing
I can spot that a miles off.
It's clear in the look
which comes from your eyes -
I can myself through them
There's no way to hide.

Wherever you go
Whomever you think of
I will be always on your mind.
Whatever it takes
It doesn't matter -
Just let throw the light on our love.

Your unsteady steps walking toward me
How you lose the words
when everyone is around
It's not that hard to see.
I lose my feets on the ground
And my heart starts to beat desperately,
When you look at my eyes
And you find yourself through them.
(There's no way to hide...)

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Amy Marie 29 December 2010

I like your poems. I enjoy reading them, but I disagree with what you said in your biography about our poems not belonging to us. I like your romantic poems, though. They're pleasant and light :)

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