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My daughter came home crying, so hard she couldn’t speak,
I tried my best to calm her, wiping the tears from her cheek,
What is it my dear that’s upset you, Why are you crying so?
“Oh mummy, its too awful, you wouldn’t want to know”.

Merry Christmas kiddie winkles, Santa is on his way,
He’s putting on his big red suit and getting on his sleigh,
No time to have your supper kids, Rudolph’s nose is red,
So quickly kiss your mum goodnight and get yourself to bed.

'Goodnight' my darling he whispered, as he perched himself on the bed,
'I was thinking of you today, you know, about the day we wed.
You looked so pure and perfect, like a cherub upon a cloud,
Approaching me from down the isle. you made me feel so proud.

Alone in the forest, not a bird or a bee,
Crowded by weeds and the overhang tree,
She sits on a swing made of old wood and vines,
Swinging backwards and forwards, she never smiles.

If doing something crazy, would label you insane,
would you never do it, just keep your life the same?
Who tells us what is normal, who says how things should be
If everyone did what’s ‘normal’, there’d be no you and me.

Have you ever been sitting alone, and heard someone whisper your name?
you look around, there’s no one there, no one you can blame.
You question whether you heard it, there’s no reason you can find,
You just think you’re maybe tired, tricks of the mind.

Backwards and forwards she rocks on her knees,
Her head in her hands, her womb bleeds.
Helpless to stop it, she rocks, she screams,
Her mind haunted, hallucinations, dreams.


I am the smile behind your tears
I am the knowledge beyond your years
I am the happiness of which you gain
I am the one who soothes your pain

The last words she whispered, the warmth of her breath,
Taken away so quickly, by the coldness of death,
How those words tangle around my aching heart,
Strangling my soal, it tears me apart.

Surrounded by my fears, my anger and my sorrow,
The night drags along keeping clear of tomorrow,
The thoughts of death are nothing new,
The damage and hate that I long to hold on to.

It's gettin late, the night is ageing,
But not in here, the party's raging,
Just one last drink to set me up for the night,
I'll be sobered up later, it'll be alright.

I travel deep within myself, not sure of what I’ll find,
Walking through the tortured maze in the depth of my mind.
There’s bits and pieces everywhere, nothing here makes sense,
Strangled by my own emotion, I have no defence.

An old lady I am, worn out and tired
I’ve lived a life to be desired
Not all times were good, not all times were bad,
Not all times were happy, not all times were sad.

A twisted fear of my own emotions, my tortured temper raises,
Piercing screams, contorted thoughts, haunted by angered faces.
They race around my confused mind, and strangle all that’s sane,
They take the anger to my hand and force me to inflict pain.

Standing on the edge of nowhere, now where do I go?
The path I took to get here is hidden in the snow,
Now every angle looks the same, no matter where I turn,
How long will I stand in this blanket of snow? A thought filled with concern.


Everything’s silent, not a sound to be heard,
Alone in the house, but I don’t feel scared.
Hiding with the shadows in the corner of the room,
Which have grown and disfigured through the shine of the moon.

There she stands starring at the ground,
Unaware of what's happening all around,
Why is she sad, what does she know,
What could have happened to fill her with woe?


Tiny hands, and tiny feet.
All so simple, all so sweet,
And now you lay there life in hand
Only a child with the courage of a man.

On mothers day 2009 Jade took her final rest,
So brave she was to share with us the moments she had left.
Though we can no longer see her, her memory still lives on,
Her great personality and beautiful smile will be remembered by everyone.

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A Boy

My daughter came home crying, so hard she couldn’t speak,
I tried my best to calm her, wiping the tears from her cheek,
What is it my dear that’s upset you, Why are you crying so?
“Oh mummy, its too awful, you wouldn’t want to know”.
If you tell me what is bothering you, there may be something I can do.
“There’s nothing you can do mummy”, she said between her cries,
“They’ll say they didn’t do it, they’ll say you’re telling lies”.
What’s happened to my daughter, to cause her this distress,
What’s happened that’s so awful, to make her such a mess?
I’ve never seen her like this before, oh, what can I do?
You need to tell me darling, what has happened to you.
“Oh mummy“, she said her voice shaking, “ its not me its happening to, it’s the boy who sits in my class and I didn’t know what to do
They called him names and they kicked him, they laughed and watched him cry,
They punched him and they beat him, and left him there to die.'
I came straight home to you mum, I left him there too,
Does that make me as bad as them after seeing what he went through? ”.
Oh no, my dear you did the right thing to come straight home and tell me,
Just tell me his name, I will ring the school and they can inform his family.
“I don’t know his name mum, nobody does”, she mumbled through her cries
'That is why it is so sad, nobody cares if he dies,
But I care mum, I really do, come with me to see if he’s alright”.
We walked to the park and as we neared him, she gripped my hand so tight,
“he’s still there mummy”, she screamed forcing her face into my arm, '
You stay here, I’ll go, I really need you to stay calm.
I walked to the boy with no name, he was laid face down in the dirt,
A soft groaning noise came from this child, I could see that he was hurt.
I rolled him over on my knee, his eyes were black with fear,
Its ok I’ve come to help you, you’ll be better soon my dear.
I called an ambulance and waited, they came and took him away,
Come home I told my daughter, tomorrow we’ll know if he’s ok.
I wait the next day for my daughter, she never comes home late,
Then a strange face I’ve never seen before comes walking through my gate,
“Mrs Jones I am the headmaster from the school your daughter attends,
I have some news of your daughter, the facts given by her friends.
She saw a boy beaten last night, and sadly in hospital he died,
I told the class this news today, and your daughter sat and cried.
Nobody knew the boy, but your daughter said she did,
She saw the bullies beat the boy from the bushes where she hid”.
I helped the boy I told him, and sent him to A&E,
But headmaster you stand alone, where is my Abby Lee?
“When leaving school this afternoon, she was walking on her own,
She took a different route to avoid the park, hurrying to get home,
The bullies stopped her in the street “you shouldn’t have said a word,
Now what we do is all your fault, you’ll get what you deserve”
They called her names and they kicked her, they laughed and watched her cry,
They punched her and they beat her, and left her there to die”.
My head fell back, it wasn’t true, this hasn’t happened, no,
Where is my daughter tell me now, tell me where to go.
“She lays in bed in a deep sleep in St. Catherine’s by the town
Collect your things and things for her, and I will take you down”.
There she laid in intensive care, my baby girl is dying,
All because she helped the boy who was left there hurt and crying.
She died that night my Abby, bullies took her away,
Now I’ll never hear her laughter again, or watch her joke and play,
I love you my brave Abby, I held her hand in mine,
We’ll be together again someday, its just a matter of time.
The bullies will go to prison, and will pay for what they have done,
I’ll never let them ever forget the day they took my loved one.
Good night Abby Lee, you mean the world to me.

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amy darbyshire 16 February 2015

Donated love I will have a poem about my mum xx

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amy darbyshire 16 February 2015

Donated love I will have a poem about me mum please xx

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