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A single tear is born
From the corner of my eye,
Conceived in my mind, and bred,
To thoughts once known and gone.

So far away, yet so close,
I can almost hear you breathing.
With your hand curled in mine,
I'd cuddle you forever.


In this place of heavy stars and
Swollen moon hanging high above,
Like a bird through the sky, you are thrust
Deep into my head, and become everything.

I fell asleep yesterday and I woke up today in another world,
One full of passionate hate, crimes of the wicked and the innocent.
I closed my eyes this morning, dreamt of tomorrow's world,
The perfect world, always tomorrow.

With or without you, I will stay,
Won't go far, from this hostage situation
Involving you and my heart.
One way or another we will fall apart,

This is killing me inside,
It's eating me up alive.
This darkness will consume me,
You will be the death of me.

Alone I stood, with the darkness creeping,
Easily dispersing the light to form stars.
So many thoughts ticking through my mind,
My heart lim-ps along like a bro-ken me-tro-nome,

Come closer, My Angel
Press your body tight against mine,
And grip that pillow close, baby, tonight.
Let me hear your breath,

I often dream of this world, the stabs of color bright
And vivacious as they are, they swirl and twist into shades
Of black and white, forming splashes of gray at the corners.
This world is my world, but where are you?

I've been thinking a lot about,
This lump in my throat is choking,
What are we doing again?
Because I love you,

Hey there, it's been a long long time,
Too long, but I've had much to do.
I'm sorry I went awol, ran amuck,
But the truth is, I was running blind



Sprawled out and branching, my tired body,
Lies heaped atop mattress and sheet,

As I look out the window through the quivering trees,
I spy the frozen drip, picketed along barbed wire.
Beyond the crystalline fence, long thorny grass lies
In thousands of messy amber waves, held tight in winter's icy embrace.

If words could say,
But for some reason, I can't find them
When you're near,
Everything seems to find a way to kill me.

Who said your hands have to be bigger, stronger
Why can't they be smaller, the same size.
Who's to say your lips don't match mine,
I say they're a perfect fit pressed against mine, they fit just fine

Twisted and churning, my blood will cease,
My spiked and brittle organ has slown it's pace,
(There's nothing but a dull throb)
Working like sap through my veins,

Every word that slips my lips,
Is stated for your benefit.
What if I tell you that what's hidden
Beneath this smile is all a lie?

Lipstick Casanova Biography

Hey there, I am a wandering soul and somewhere along the lines, I found this place. I write poetry much, often to express myself and it's not normally for anyone else's eyes but mine. I'm just curious as to what other people think. You may call me whiney, and depressed - which I may very well be, but I'd like your thoughts and comments.)

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A single tear is born
From the corner of my eye,
Conceived in my mind, and bred,
To thoughts once known and gone.

Suspended in flight,
I watched it fall,
As everything around me,
One day, must fall.

I looked upward,
Toward the sky for help,
But the very heavens above didn't know,
For they just cried with me.

And my vision did blur and fell,
Toward the ground,
To watch the death of my lonely tear,
And it did mix, with the tears of millions -
Others that have asked the same.

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Trinity K 13 October 2006

yea, casanova, its lovely to feel that way and express like this....may god bless you.

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