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1. X What A Bad Night. X 11/28/2008
2. X I Stuck Up To The Bullies X 11/29/2008
3. X Homeless X 11/29/2008
4. X More Then Feelings For You X 11/29/2008
5. X Help Why Me X 12/2/2008
6. X Man Dem X 12/2/2008
7. X You X 12/2/2008
8. X We Belong Together X 12/2/2008
9. X Do You Ever Wonder? X 11/29/2008
10. X Dont Let These Boys Fall You X 11/29/2008
11. X I Cant Believe I Am Giving You Another Chance X 12/2/2008
12. X This Is Twisted X 12/2/2008
13. X Parents X 12/3/2008
14. X How Does It Feel? X 12/5/2008
15. X Love X 12/5/2008
16. X Teenage Boys X 12/6/2008
17. X Tha Trueh About Mums X 12/6/2008
18. X Have You Ever X 12/6/2008
19. X What Do You Call? X 12/6/2008
20. X I Really Didnt Mean To X 12/18/2008
21. X Relgion X 12/18/2008
22. X Hope X 12/18/2008
23. X Friends And Friendship X 12/18/2008
24. X She Feels So Nasty And Its All Because Of You X 12/28/2008
25. X Sorry X 2/16/2009
26. X My Soul Called Friends Set Me Up X 2/16/2009
27. X I Think I Am Ready To Let You Go X 12/2/2008
28. X Deserted Island X 12/2/2008
29. X One Arguement X 12/2/2008
30. X Words X 12/6/2008
31. X Stop The Violence X 12/3/2008
32. X Relationships X 12/3/2008
33. X If You Don’t Like Me X 12/6/2008
34. X Don’t Forget To Write Back Mum X 6/9/2009
35. X All I Know Is That Love X 12/5/2008
36. X I Miss You X 12/6/2008
37. X The Nasty Female Dog X 12/28/2008
38. X Lifes Meaning X 12/18/2008
39. X Me And My Man X 11/29/2008
40. X A Junior Soldier’s Promise X 11/29/2008

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Best Poem of Lisa Anderson

X Wasting My Time On You X

I know in wasting my time on you
One day you speak to me
The next it is like you don’t even know me
When your alone you speak to me
When you’re with people you blank me
One second you’re with me
The next you speaking about me
When you need help
You know I help you
I let you in my house
When you have been kicked out
If you’re in a fight
Ill jump in or stop it
You come running to me
When no one is aloud out
The thing is you have fallen plenty of times
And I have caught you
But i thought ill just warn you
Because of what you have put me ...

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X Wait Let Me Finish X

If your staying stay
If your going go
Because I cant handle this anymore

You’re the one chatting about leaving
Trying to make me feel bad
Now you’ve packed your bags

You said your gone