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tonight i will cry for my sins.
for i love someone so sweet.
i have the family most don't even have.
ill cry for what i don't have

deep in my vain's Ur love stayed even thought you left my hanging on to a memory.
you never told me why you left just that you had to go that you cant be here with me any more.
some times i wounder if i did something or did you find some other girl better then me.
was she pretty?

Time flys leaving you.standing in the middle of the floor.

when you realize he's gone you fall hopping he will return.
(a Tear falls to the floor) and glass breaks.

I'm walking down a path!
the path is now walking i dreamed that i was walking.
and found what looking for we where one and i loved the way i felt.
when i seen you so now I'm walking you with to find our destiny

close your eyes
don't say a word
im watching you my love
you will not die

im here in this dark room wishing you were here and that i could hold you in my arms.
i want to feel the heat off of your body.
i want to feel the touch of your hand.
i want to know you fears and you deepest secrets.

some times you think your going to lose him

but if he loves you he would..........

some say angels walk with us watching out for us.

some say there's no such thing as angels.that our heavenly god don't exist.

you cut me deep
leaving me to bleed
I'm slowly dieing
so now my family's crying: (

time flies when you have fun but time stops when to much fun.
but demon zio have a time of him life be for death!
with the humans he played a game.
that he called demons dust.

part 2 war of zion!

zio vs. venom!
zio hits the left side of venom.

i fly above you all with the power of the gods.
you pray to me wishing your lover was near.
flying thru the air the flames tougch you on your lips.
i fell into your heart and i hungerd for your love.

the feeling is sad to think about
we use to be together unseperable now never together
we have forgoten the times of happyness we had together
how we use to laugh so hard we cried for hours

you have fallen and i see the pain in your eyes.
you are seeking your heart and the keeper to your soul.
you see her thinking can this be.
i watch you fall over and over again.

the darkness swallows me into an deep black nonending room.
i trembel i cant see i cant hear there is presher in my ears.
where is it wheres my knife.
the darkness growls.

look my child o'child of mine
look at life its self tell me what you see
look my child what have you done in your life you wish you could undo but deep down know you cant change what has happen in your past.
look deep down my child what do you hold on to in life that you cant live without?

i have a dream were one's you call blood suckers have wings made of white satin feather's.
the leader of a group with three members named 3lizabeth hellsting.
she has the biggest whites wings to ever be seen of them all.
she fly's in the night alone looking for the one she lost long ago.

my sister Elizabeth fly high in the sky let the world know your there
tell them about you pain show them how you where be for you where killed
tell them who did it love
wins over the world kill the demons to your path to freedom

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Im 18I have been writing for years and i plan on keeping my writing up. but i have been slipping here lately. http: //

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I Will Cry Tonight

tonight i will cry for my sins.
for i love someone so sweet.
i have the family most don't even have.
ill cry for what i don't have
i don't have my father standing beside me.
i don't have a best friend to tell goodbye when i die.
i don't have a child to stand bye my side just yet any
ill cry for the ones that r gone.
ill cry for the one who died in war
the ones who are lost in hell
for Little Kelly who's family murdered and put in the river to never be found.
ill cry for every reason i can find in the world.
ill cry just by being happy to hear the ppl at war r coming home to us.
we will cry at the welcome home party's we will rise in a party of sorrow

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