Lisa Bray

Rookie (12/11/93-00/00/00 / indiana, Indianapolis)

Lisa Bray Poems

1. Love Of The Angels Above 11/10/2008
2. Tears Of Blood Tears Of Sorrow 11/10/2008
3. Some Times It Works! 11/10/2008
4. The Fading Truth 11/10/2008
5. The Fading Truth 2 11/10/2008
6. A Path Of No Return 11/11/2008
7. Love.... 11/12/2008
8. Deep Cuts And Lost Love 11/14/2008
9. Tear's Of Pain Tear's Of Death(More Of A Story Then A Poem) 11/15/2008
10. She's Falling And He Dose Not Care! 11/15/2008
11. I Will Not Die Ill Stay Alive! 11/15/2008
12. Running And Losing Hope! 11/16/2008
13. Demons Dust! (Story) 11/16/2008
14. Demons Dust2..... War Of Zio (Story) 11/16/2008
15. By Lisa And Ryan! 11/20/2008
16. I See Dark! 11/20/2008
17. She Will Fight The Gods Of Hell And Heavens! 11/22/2008
18. Im A Queen. I Will 11/22/2008
19. Ill Fly Bowing My Fangs 1/8/2009
20. Tears Of A Lost Child 1/12/2009
21. My Tears No Longer Fall For My Sins 1/12/2009
22. The Left Behind Never Loved Only Lied To 1/14/2009
23. As We Dance I Survive 1/14/2009
24. Its Time 1/15/2009
25. Blue Angel In The Deep Forest Of Ryu Wolf Of The Lost And Abanden 1/24/2009
26. At Last 12/10/2008
27. The Lost Angels 12/14/2008
28. Only One Key! 12/17/2008
29. War 1977! 12/23/2008
30. Truth And Pain Of The Slowly Fading Memorys! 12/26/2008
31. 'You Said' 11/29/2008
32. 1 She Called You Where Were U When She Called 1/26/2009
33. O, My Child 6/4/2009
34. A True Tail Of The Darkness 6/4/2009
35. Lost 6/5/2009
36. Hidden Lies 6/7/2009
37. What I Stand For 6/7/2009
38. Drop Candy Ppast 6/7/2009
39. Ending Days Of Faithful Memorys 6/7/2009
40. Deep Cuts Of My Darkend Angel 6/7/2009

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Best Poem of Lisa Bray

A Way Of Life Ghost Of 3lizabeth&Her Lost Lover

deep in my vain's Ur love stayed even thought you left my hanging on to a memory.
you never told me why you left just that you had to go that you cant be here with me any more.
some times i wounder if i did something or did you find some other girl better then me.
was she pretty?
dose she look better then me i guess the world looks better then me for the truth.
i know im not that pretty but i can take care of you when you need it i can love you like no other can.
my love remains with you my love i need you
but i can just move on i guess scents you don't need me i guess...

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The Fading Truth

im fading no one noticed that im slowly fading into dust.
no one sees me for who i am or what i am.
they just see what im like a shy, hiding person.
i rather die then to lose to the devil.
he's slowly killing me i know it.
he stated with my father.
i have my back to the wall and he slowly comes to me with the flames of hell in his eye's.
he told me i have so long to live only to hurt others.
with him in charge he will use my power to kill.

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