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Whenever you're not here by my side
While I be away from you
Do you know what the only thing to do?
Just call me, My Love..

This morning,
You picked me up in the place we usually meet
Hold my hand gently and tightly
Take me to the place we would spend our times

Some say that 13 is an unlucky number
A number that walks along with bad luck
A number where everything's gonna be unwell
Is it untrue or not?

I am sad today
Because I've made you resent me
'I'm sorry..'
Only word I can say

When I see the sunset from this moving train
Which decorated by the pretty fine rain
I remember you as my sun brighten my day
With your shiny smile shining my way

Again, a year has been passed
Having left us with its memories
Which don't matter beautiful or sad
Being the yesterday histories

Wanna be in that crescent moon
Sitting side by side, hand in hand
Lying my head on your shoulder
Enjoy the delight of tonight only with you


You came to my life when I really needed someone
To share anything I feel inside
To melt my freezing heart

The time you said you loved me
And asked me to be your spouse
My heart was beating so fast
Faster and faster in every single time

Again from my eyes
Tears were falling down
Is it a naivety having you on my own?
Accompanying me to get through that way

When we met at that snowy day
Within the snow rain falling from the sky
Overwhelmed us with its spark
Overwhelmed us with our feeling

Some letters I hate

Only hurt I get from these

What do you think about girls, Boys?
Are they quarry to be hunted?
Are they game to be played?
Are they football to be dribbled and kicked?

In this early morning
When the dawn hasn't even been breaking
In my bed I'm lying half asleep
Listening to the sound of rain


Why these tears cannot stop falling
Why these tears are still rolling down
from my eyes to my cheeks moist my face
'It couldn't be done now', told me to my heart

I dunno what I'm thinking of
It seems scary for me
I hate this thought is there in my mind
I don't understand why it is in there

The memories we have
Might be like the blowing breeze
Passing through without any impression

This night,
I slept with the two cute dolls from you
Which hold words 'With Love' and 'I Love You'
That you gave me a year before

Step by step we through our days together
With every single memory which will be never blur
The memories we make and have
That will be kept, for ever, in our brain's cave

The droplets that fall one by one from the sky touching the land
Remind me of the precious memory we own
Memory of our emotion we keep inside

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Phone Call

Whenever you're not here by my side
While I be away from you
Do you know what the only thing to do?
Just call me, My Love..

It's really enough only by your phone call
Listening to your resounding voice
To your sweet words blushing me
Keeping those special things like a recording that I can listen to
Every time I miss you..

Your phone call
Your sweet voice
Sufficiently represent your existence in my eyes
When we have to be apart..

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