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Beauty is within your eyes
Not hair; so fair like summer fire
But within the eyes,
An ashen blue

The days get older
The shadows colder
The seasons pause in vain
And in the north

Today's been bad
The rain fell in torrents
Blighting out the sun behind sheets of wet
No light to be had in all the land

This is rather long, sorry. It is an extremely odd dream I had...: P

The forest bit
The forest bites


Today in the end of all things
It is time for flying.
It is time to rejoice for the hope we once had
It is time for love to break free

Words are floating flitting
Through the convex of my head
Turning statues into sculptures
Turning living into dead

I felt the wings of an angel
I felt them crush on by
In the heated furl of a subway
In the melted pack of the sky

This descent
I feel it in my bones
As easy as something I dreamed
It eats me


An old house. Older than you
Or me. It fights, pull against pull
Of gravity, trying to keep itself upright.
Small green eyes wink out from the window,

All you can do is take a little practice.
Practice, try again.
Slide the smooth edge down you gullet,
Don't move, can't fall or it'll hurt,

Hush, hush
Don't cry
Your eyes betray the pain
I can see straight through

I saw your face in the mirror
Hitting the light as I peered in the dark
Catching your black-speckled tears
Facing away

The stars, the stars
Keep your eyes on the stars
If you can't fly
Keep your eyes on the stars

I feel a sloth
Slow blood, lazy bones
Moving inches per minute
And my mind humming like a mad insect

can feel the weight falling off my shoulders
Though only moments ago it sat heavy
I can feel the slip and slide of water
Though only moments ago I was dry as a desert.

All the people around me are so loud
It makes me angry
And Sad
They do not know what silence is


Hurt and pain
Return again
They flight through tears
And churn out fears


If nobody knows
If nobody feels
If nobody cares
Am I really here?

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Expression, the words of a song/ Beating out my heart/ Showing things best remaining hidden/ So only strangers can view. I am also on Quizilla.... this0is0all)

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Beauty is within your eyes
Not hair; so fair like summer fire
But within the eyes,
An ashen blue
So bright they burn to her from you

Beauty is within your walk
Not shape; nor cape of velvet dew
But within your walk,
Your sway from sides
Though people say your gait is wide

Beauty is within your thoughts
Not your colour; another has the same
But within your thoughts,
Your silver liquid mind like mine,
Though people say your gait is wide,
Though people only mind your colour,
Though people want your hair to smother,
Beauty is within your mind.
Your mind like starlight,
Almost too kind to all that view you,
To all you see.
You must know, to me
That beauty reigns within your mind.

Dedicated to Laura Waddington, mother.
I love you.

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