Liza Mahlubi Poems

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Looking Into Darkness

I'm looking into darkness
One star shines brights
With a smile on his face
A light shines through my heart

My Son, Unathi

When I first saw you
I was scared to touch you
Your skin looked so fragile.

My Tears

I used to think that
your opinion was more
valuable than mine
And mine was to be silent and listen.

Picture Frame

The stories you told
Filled the room with laughter
Took away pains
Warmed the hearts of many

Loving You

Your voice had essence
It was like a melody
The sound of fine tune on the strings
playing the waterfall.

Sight Of You

The sight of you warm me to my toes
I was thrilled to see you
Your smile lighted up the room
Just you standing there

Our Friendship

As children we played
shared our plastic dolls
spoke in a language that only us could understand
dressed up in our mother's shoes

A Stranger

I fell inlove with a stranger
Can I call it love?
But yes it was a stranger that I gave my time to
How did it all start was simple

Your Presence

Takes from the head to the heart
Soul arises within me
Each time I close my eyes
I become aware of my heart


Night in, Night Out
I lay in bed looking through the lacy view to the stars
My view is destructed by the cold space next to me.
Then a shadow of sadness of yet another night alone.

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