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I want a rose
That will not die,
A rose of love to last!

Like doves that coo
And words that woo,
And so I get close to you;
One heart to another

Terry Lynn Hefner we still love you;
Your mom feels sad she was not better to you;
And we still are waiting for you to be found
After 27 years where were you bound?

Please do not awaken me
I'm having a good dream
And it is about us.
We are together,

Just a little tea set
Is all that we have left,
Since they came
And took her things

Patches cover up the holes
Yet patches also mend;
Old worn out rags
Which once held tags

Tell me love where grows
The finest of the rose;
Is it somewhere within thine heart
Or hidden away disclosed?

Like a sweet rose I picked you
from among the thorns,
where some vines and hedges grew
hiding from life's storms.

There was a man who couldn't command
A general of sorts;
He had the men, He had the guns
He just couldn't reach their hearts.

Diamonds, riches or pearls
What will it be?
Will you choose these
Over me?

Gold dust the clouds from heaven's floor,
The crumbs do fall from the Master's store.
The clouds do show it from their high view
At morning and sunset both the two.

There's a useless crowd
In the market place.
A useless crowd
In this human race.

Summon all celestial grace
Unto thy kingdom's throne,
And bring immortals unto their place
From wherever they be gone.

O Dear Lord please help me to be a pig today
For you know I love to eat in every kind of way.
And help me feed my little ones and grow some jaws of fat
So lead me Lord unto the deepest trough no matter where it's at.

Every rose must be placed
Into some lover's hand.
If she's to know the rose of love
Given by loving hands.

Men all shape their life's own way
With the hammers of their pride;
Then seal and put them far away
In a box set far aside.


May the wind be at your back,
The fresh sun on thy face,
And all your life so filled
With God's most gentle grace.

Everyone needs a someone friend
Someone who'll stay with them till the end.
Someone who's special for the broken hearts they mend.
And I'd like to be for you that someone friend.

Indescribable! !
The one word this first line, is the whole poem itself.
I do not mean to say it any other way, Especially today. Really!

L'il One O L'il One
Come along with me;
For we must move and move along
Until our souls are free.

The Best Poem Of Lloyd Savage

A Gardener's Request

I want a rose
That will not die,
A rose of love to last!

Forever always
Dying never;
To live and last
And last!

Go out and cherish
This rarest rose,
Gleaned from
Where'er it's cast,

And tomorrow I'll come
O'er heaven's road
To share the rose
Thou hast!

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Lloyd Savage 29 June 2018

You are a good poet, I hear you have over a thousand hymns or more that you have wrote and are still currently working on a book of poems about love and roses. And I know it is true you are looking for someone to write music for some of your hymns. I hope you do well and find someone.

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Lloyd Savage 05 April 2014

I heard you have penned over a hundred and 10 Hymns but need someone to write the music to them is this true?

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