Locura Alaam Poems

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Hold My Hand

Just hold my hand, girl
we'll walk through this together
We'll keep it up forever
Won't let it end ever

My First Actual Rap Song

As I went on living life
with sorrow sharp as a knife
I went through quite the change

A Song For A Very Dear Friend

Listen now, my pearl
Even though I'm just a churl
I do know life is hard
Don't need to ask no card

Carving Tears

A long time it sure has been
Tell me do you miss my pen?
The words of ink that I lay down
To rest on paper without a frown

The Mysteries Of Life

By the light reflected from the moon
By the night in its prime at noon
Life goes by and death flows nigh
People smile and sometimes sigh

The Joy Of Life

Oneday comes while another one goes
That's my life: so full of woes
Bob Marley said and I attest
-With so much pain that's in my chest

By Death, Dear, And The Name Of Hell

By Death, dear, and the name of Hell
Wouldst thou, one day, so ring my knell?
By Hell, and Death, I'm just a shell
I ask thee, love, just do it well

Bahrain, My Dear Country

Bahrain, my dear country
You ask how I love thee?
Would you ask on any day
For a verbal answer, I would say


Drowsy I felt when she
Embraced me softly
A joy mathless...O si!
Tender they were and holy

The Lone Wanderer

He walks down the path he chose
Yet wonders: 'What was the cause? '
So many years ago it started
And now his fate's all discarded

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