Lone Dog Poems

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A Night In The North

Have you ever spent a night in the North 'neath the
limbs of the sheltering pines,
When the silence stabs at your pounding heart and the
sounds play tricks with your mind?

Run Terry, Run

(A tribute to the courage and determination of Terry Fox)

Run Terry, run! Run Terry, run! –

The Great Chief Tecumseh

Noble Tecumseh;
Chief of the Shawnee;
Where do your naked bones
Rest `neath the soil?

Education Celebration

(An 'Education Week' Rap)

Education, education;
There's nothing quite like education!

A Father I Don'T Know

I have a father whom I do not know.
He left our family many years ago.
I often wonder why he went away.
Oh, how my life has changed since that dark day!

Witch's Brew

Witch's brew. Witch's brew.
Add a finger to the wicked stew.
Snakes and snails, lizard's tails,
A young girl's heart and an eye or two.

Kids' Stuff

(On Devil's Night)

Quick! Inside the house! Dim the lights!

The Call Of The Loon

Grand symbol of the northern lakes
Where you've returned once more,
The echoes of your eerie cry
Awake the distant shore.

The Campfire

A match that's spent. A failed attempt.
I must find wood that's drier.
A puff of smoke. A flicker weak.
A flash! A flare! A fire!

Plate Tectonics Revisited

On a cold but sunny December day,
I wandered down to the ice-strewn banks
of the Detroit River
and observed, before me, a flotilla of ice rafts

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