A Night In The North Poem by Lone Dog

A Night In The North

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Have you ever spent a night in the North 'neath the
limbs of the sheltering pines,
When the silence stabs at your pounding heart and the
sounds play tricks with your mind?
Have you watched the shadows steal through the woods
fusing darkness to the ground?
Have you jumped at the snap of a breaking limb wondering
what had caused the sound?
Have you ever seen a friendly moon dip its fingers
in a stream
And dye the sparkling waters with its golden-yellow
Have you ever gazed at a billion stars in a sea of
pitch- black sky?
And thrilled to a streaking meteor as it flashes
on your eye?
And stared in awe at the Milky Way awash in the
Northern Lights?
Wondering, wondering, wondering there, far,
far into the night?
Were you ever warmed by a crackling fire as its
licking tongues of red
Consume the flitting shadows as they dance around
your head?
Have you reveled in the skids and pops of ducklings
as they play,
And the sudden leap of a lively bass as it breaks
a mirrored bay?
Have you heard the haunting laugh of a loon on a
waking northern lake?
And watched as Time tears the night to shreds and the
dawn begins to break?
Then you'd know how I felt on that first lone night
as I camped in the Great Outdoors,
And you'd understand why I oft' return to that
land of rocky shores.

Kim Barney 20 December 2014

Fascinating. I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights, but haven't yet. My mother was born in Canada, but moved to Wyoming at age ten.

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Angelic Warrior 13 September 2009

ahhh yes...i have heard all those things...seen all those things...and they are unimaginably beautiful....the beauty of the great north...our home Canada! love it!

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Helen Vorst 12 September 2009

thanks for thу beauty

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