The Great Chief Tecumseh Poem by Lone Dog

The Great Chief Tecumseh

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Noble Tecumseh;
Chief of the Shawnee;
Where do your naked bones
Rest `neath the soil?
Where is the hiding place
That your brave remnants grace?
Where is this hallowed place
Near the Thames' flow?

Great Indian war chief;
Voice of compassion;
A pagan more Christian
Than Christians themselves.
Show me the hallowed ground -
Oh precious hallowed ground! -
Where burdened bones are found
Barren but free.

Nurtured by forests;
One with all nature;
Angered by hunting grounds
Ravaged at will.
Oh how you fought to save
That which the Spirit gave
To all your nations brave
Centuries before!

Painted for battle;
Riding white pony;
Chivalrous, dignified,
Eloquent, proud.
Fighting the losing fight
Like a crusading knight,
`Gainst the foe's greater might
Built upon greed.

Speaker of burning words
Rousing to action;
Green eyes in copper skin
Flashing with fire.
Eager to fight and die;
Hear now the warrior's cry
Screamed to the flaming sky
O'er cannons' roar!

Vanquished in battle
But fallen as hero;
History remembers not victor but you.
Yet, you hide the hallowed ground
Where your brave bones are found,
For when in secret ground
You still are free.

Patrick McFarland 05 September 2009

A fine tribute to a vanquished hero. 10+++

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Linda Ori 05 September 2009

Well, you've got my attention now, as I lived a short distance from Tecumseh, Michigan for many years. I always wondered about the name of the town, and now I have a story to put with it - thank you. You have a wonderful story-telling ability. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Linda ; -)

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