Lorenzo Costigliolo

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Lorenzo Costigliolo Poems

1. The Love Song Of Lorenzo To His Beloved 10/22/2009
2. Response To Excuse 1 (Need To Make Money) 10/22/2009
3. Ode To An Eastern Lady 10/23/2009
4. Ode To A Greek, Doctor Testicles [tes Ti Clees] 10/23/2009
5. Two Perfect Roses 10/23/2009
6. Sir Lady Rose 10/23/2009
7. The We In Me 10/23/2009
8. Portrait 10/24/2009
9. Classified: Personals 10/24/2009
10. From He To Shining She 10/24/2009
11. The Essence Of Love: A Series Of Questions #3 10/25/2009
12. The Essence Of Love: A Series Of Questions #1 10/25/2009
13. Shall I Compare Thee, , , No! ! 10/25/2009
14. The Infidel 10/25/2009
15. The Tides 10/25/2009
16. Renaissance 10/25/2009
17. The Importance Of Pictures I 10/25/2009
18. The Greatest Gift Of All 10/25/2009
19. Spontaneous Message From Me To You 10/25/2009
20. Importance Of Pictures 2 10/25/2009
21. Dream Scheme 10/25/2009
22. The Secret Room - Part I: The Need 10/25/2009
23. The Secret Room Part Ii: The Reason For Going There 10/25/2009
24. The Secret Room Part Iii: Playing Around 10/25/2009
25. The Secret Room Part Iv: My Alter Ego 10/25/2009
26. The Secret Room Part V: A Symphony Of One 10/25/2009
27. Night In White Satin On A Wicker Bench On The Eve Of Her Betrothal 10/25/2009
28. Resurrection Of My Dead Captain 10/25/2009
29. To Jm: Can I See With Your Eyes? 10/26/2009
30. Sonnet: On Sharing Flowers 10/26/2009
31. Sonnet: On Sharing Wine 10/26/2009
32. Ode To A Bottle Of Wine Or A Tequila Sunrise 10/26/2009
33. ! ! To A Summer Night (Sonnet 94) 11/1/2009
34. Ode To A Toothpick 10/23/2009
35. Ode To A Dandelion 10/23/2009
36. The Breakthrough Science Of The Glycemic Advantage (A Rant Against A Ubiquitous Infomercial) 10/22/2009
37. Tangled Webs 10/22/2009
38. Ode To The Senses; A Sense Of Prayer 10/23/2009
39. Response To Excuse 3 (I Need Practice To Do It Right) 10/22/2009
40. Sonnet To A Beloved In The Spring 10/22/2009

Comments about Lorenzo Costigliolo

  • Robert E Hann (1/30/2007 11:38:00 AM)

    Just read Ode to a Grasshopper and was so moved as to write my own 'Ode' to the little beast. I offer you...The Grasshopper
    late summer
    early morning
    misty meadow
    kneehigh wildflowers
    grasshopper on a goldenrod stem
    not quite awake
    grab him by his back legs
    can't get away
    spits out brown tobacco juice
    funny face
    fat body
    make a trout REAL happy
    toss him in the air
    and he flies away
    Thanx, Robert

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Best Poem of Lorenzo Costigliolo

A Message To My New-Found Friend, Continued...

, , , and I love you
for what I don’t see of you
your voice through written word
though not a syllable spoken, heard
by none, yet sweet as bird
song ringing through dark silent night
lark of morning singing light
refrains of love songs, sterling bright
as your hidden eyes delight,
your empty lips, like mine,
all too alone
in verse;

and I love you
for what you see in me
that those with eyes refused to see
I standing here before them still, , ,
they turned away because I do not fit
their fantastic images
of all that they pretended ...

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Ode To An Eastern Lady


Behold! that human angel hovering
not in bright skies but on far-distant land
a siren voice, hypnotic, echoing
desperate singing, sundry songs without demand

Till comes that calming gentle rest.

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