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I walk in the rain,
As I think about you,
Tears fall down,
As I remember what you said,

her carefree smile,
With her long Flowing blonde hair,
Will leave us with a lot of heart ache and despair,

Friends we'll be,
Friends we'll stay,
Friends we'll be there day after day,
Friends will love,

I’m standing here,
As the world goes by,
My eyes are red and puffy,
From the tears I shield,

I remember smiles and laughter,
The way the wind blew,
Eyes the colour of the sky,


I stand there crying,
From the lies you told,
You made me feel heart broken,
As the lies unfold,

I stare out into moonless night,
thinking about everything,
wishing I could hear your voice.

She the guardian angel,
Sent from the sky’s above,
Her smiles, would bring people happiness,
Her love, Helped us over come our fears,

This heart is dripping blood,
All over the floor,
I ask myself,
when the pain will end,

I stare at the moon,
Wishing for you to return,
I let the memories of you,
Flow through me,

I feel like screaming,
Until I lose my voice,
I'm over trying to please everyone,
I can't even be me anymore.


I stare at the sea,
Smelling salt and the sea air,
Waves hit the rocks below me,
As i'm standing on this cliff.

Rain pouring, wind blowing,
I'm walking down the street,
Tears are falling,
While i'm walking.

Have you ever felt like the world,
Is crashing around you?
building standing tall?
Tree's blowing in the wind?

I feel like the world is a blur,
Nothing seems to make senses anymore,
I don't know what to do,
I feel lost and alone.

The tears of blood,
Stain my cheeks,
Making me feel,
Warm inside,

I see a little girl,
Standing on the street,
She’s crying and asking for help,


I’m sitting there,
As the world disappearing,
Everything is a blur,
It’s as if I’m not seeing,

I see him everywhere i go,
He's following me why?
No one can tell.

Tears fall blending in the rain,
The pain i feel won't go away,
Why did you leave,
And leave me alone.

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i was born in mackay, i'm 19, i have four brothers and three sisters i'm in the middle. i love to write, read, sing and ect. i'm a friendly person to who ever wants to know me. i love writing poems cos it helps me deal with everything around me.)

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My Happiness

I walk in the rain,
As I think about you,
Tears fall down,
As I remember what you said,

Love is a way of life,
Love is a way of heart,
Love is a part of you and me,
It’s a part of everyone,

I walk around,
Thinking of you,
As my heart is breaking,
And bleeding from the lies you told,

The blood is dripping,
Down my clothes,
It turned my shirt from red to black,

I remember what you said,
As your screaming and yelling at me,

I never really loved you,
I really only used you,
I never wanted you,
I really only HATE you!

I slice my wrist I wanted it to end,
The blood drips on the ground,
Rain starts to fall,
The ground around me turns red.

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