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My Happiness

I walk in the rain,
As I think about you,
Tears fall down,
As I remember what you said,

Her Smile

her carefree smile,
With her long Flowing blonde hair,
Will leave us with a lot of heart ache and despair,


Friends we'll be,
Friends we'll stay,
Friends we'll be there day after day,
Friends will love,

Did He Really Care?

I’m standing here,
As the world goes by,
My eyes are red and puffy,
From the tears I shield,

Face Of Angels

I remember smiles and laughter,
The way the wind blew,
Eyes the colour of the sky,

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i was born in mackay, i'm 19, i have four brothers and three sisters i'm in the middle. i love to write, read, sing and ect. i'm a friendly person to who ever wants to know me. i love writing poems cos it helps me deal with everything around me.

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