Ronjoy Brahma Love Poems

We Love You

When you're in attention
We learn how to do the same
When you on stage gives speech
We are hearing from the best

The Love Of The Road

My eyes are like your eyes
In front of a sudden facing face,
I didn't remember me
The body of electricity in the water flow.

Tomorrow, When The Love Began

Tomorrow, when the love began
Lovely you to promise me
Aie river, meet in the valley
I can't forget forever

The Love Song Of A Stranger

I'm not afraid to die of her smile
because no poison
no fuel,  adulterated......
and no betray in her mind

Lots Of Love

O flower
Why did you bloom? So-
I don't find the answer,
A word to be finished.

All The Need Is Love

All the beggars for love in the world
The love, we gets it on the mountains peak
We gets love in the sea
To search in the bottom of oceans

Why I Love Bodo Films

आं मोजां मोनो, मोजां मोनो
गोमो-गोथां बायदि गाबनि दखना जोमग्रा
मिथिँगानि सावगारि जोँनि हारिमु
आसार-खान्थि सोदोमस्रि बेवहाय बेरखाङो

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