Rose Marie Juan-austin Love Poems

Why Can I Not Love You

Ah, why can I not love you?
My love only submits to your love
Like the tide
That could not be stopped

Father, I Love You

We were separated
By continents
Huge mountains
Covered with rugs of trees

The Love Of Our Mother

Her love is the first we have
And the purest of them all
From womb to tomb
And far, far beyond

Your Love Is Like The Briefness Of Tulips

You shout the beauty of spring
In lovely hues
Of red, yellow, purple and pink
As straight as cupid's arrow

Deceitful Love

His love is like
The silvery dew that
Clings on soft petals
Of lovely flowers

Love Has Many Faces

Love is full of happiness
And wonders
Love is full of woes
And lows

A Journey Of Love

I would like to reach
The moon and the stars with you
Love fuels our journey.

All In The Name Of Love

We plunged into another world
Only armed with hope
To make it through
We selflessly meshed

My Mother's Love - 2

There was never any moment
In my life that I felt
I am not loved.
My mother's love

Love - Tanka

A kingdom of hope
Full of colors and wonders
No fear and anger
Where the sun always shines bright

Depth Of Love

His love
Is like the ocean
That loves the fish
Provides home

Love - Senryu

Great love speaks and acts
With the wisdom of the heart
Dispensing logic.

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