Is crying really that immature?
It's the bodies own self-cure
A way to rid out all the pain
The only way to keep one self sane

Let me take you on a journey
Just close your eyes
Take a breath
And put all your trust in my words.

The Pain.
It surrounds her and soon engulfs her whole
Leaving no sacrifices, not even her soul
She was a hostage with no where to run

No special rhyme or rhythm
Just blunt honest truth
The time that has passed
Has been something that is tear worthy

Let's start there.
The relations we had, those are gone, but the memories will never fade.
The conversations have passed, but the messages will always be saved.

The words that she does not speak will always mean the most
And if ever you seek meaning to her silence just look into
Her gazing eyes for they converse nothing but the truth.
The smile on her lips, while that can be deceiving, the kisses


Smile, laugh, giggle, repeat. The life I live is a repeat. The life I live is the repeat of a lie. I am happy at times like everyone is but so much of this happy little girl has been stolen right from under her arms. She wants her breed to come find her, take her away from the lonliness she faces yet knows what has been stolen can never be replaced. She lies awake at night thinking of him and fades into her false happiness of dreams of him. Him. Hes holding her, speaking to her, loving her once again. This isnt Lovemo or nikki or nicole, this is nicolina asking him to listen, just listen. Im done. I live life and move on, like you have asked me to do, but when you left you took a piece of me...bring it back. I hope when I get married you can be sitting in the isle with a smile for me. I hope when I see you one day our kids have the same name. I hope you can see we truely are special, no matter how much we have changed or what ways weve changed. I will always be a clever fox on the pounce for my rare breed. Good night and sweet dreams. Live short and Love long -Lovemo)


Is Suicide Really That Bad?

Is crying really that immature?
It's the bodies own self-cure
A way to rid out all the pain
The only way to keep one self sane

Is cutting really that wrong?
It's the sound of the caged bird's song
A release to the emotions that tear us apart
The fixing of all broken hearts

Is suicide really that bad?
For most it takes away all that is sad
Freeing their soul and clearing their mind
Leaving all of their misfortune behind

Does this really sound that absurd?
It's about time that society heard
What we do puts our mind at ease
Let us live our lives won't you please?


Junior Guajardo 14 February 2015

Hey great poem.

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