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Love Is An Addiction, Time Is An Addict

Time is an addict of an addiction
Time bring our addiction to our addict
Love mis-represent our addiction
Love represent the addiction in our addict

Time Differ Time

Running is differ from running
Time is a placement from running
Time pace our placement from a differ
To run time is to run differ

The Trail Of Our Consciousness

Happiness is a trail of consciousness
Happiness defer our trail of consciousness
Happiness is a giving of consciousness
Our trail is a giving of our consciousness

The Chain Is The Fear Of Our Awareness

A chain is a chain of our awareness
A chain is a outcome of our awareness
A chain multiply our awareness to its chain
A chain of awareness is a chain of outcome

Fear Is A Evil Experience

Experience is a fearful experience
To welcome a experience is to fear a experience
To welcome fear is to be fearful of a experience
To be fear of a experience is to be fear of evil

Time Is Conquering Of Time

Our vision is a destiny of a vision
Destiny is dynasty, dynasty is destiny
Destiny is dynasty's of a vision
The quest of a vision is the dynasty of a vision

Time Is To Take Flight, Time Is To Doom A Miracle

Time is a miracle, time is a doom
Time take flight of a doom
To take flight is to take flight of a miracle
To take flight is to take flight of a doom

Time Is The Aftermath Of A Opinion

Time is a preference of a opinion
Time is preference of time
To cheat time is to sue time
To cheat time is to preference time

Time Is To Share, Time Is To Release

Time is to market the merchandise
Time is to value the market
Time is to release the value of the market

Greet Destiny, Greet Greed

Greet destiny, greet greed
A greet of greed is,
A greet of destiny

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