The Trail Of Our Consciousness Poem by lucifer very very very 1st

The Trail Of Our Consciousness

Happiness is a trail of consciousness
Happiness defer our trail of consciousness
Happiness is a giving of consciousness
Our trail is a giving of our consciousness
Our trail is our giving, our trail is our trail of happiness
Our trail is our consciousness of happiness

Our giving is our giving of consciousness
Our giving is our happiness, our giving is our consciousness
Time gave us a giving to our happiness
Time decide on our giving
Time decide on our trial
Time gave us the giving to decide

The giving of our happiness is the giving of our trail
Time is decided on our giving of happiness
Time is expecting of a giving
Time gave us the expecting to decide
Time gave us the expecting of a consciousness
A trail is a expecting of our giving

Friday, November 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: consciousness
Howard Savage 04 January 2016

A strong statement. The giving of our consciousness, is the giving of our happiness.

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Black Lucifer 05 January 2016

thank you for the time of day for your review, howard savage! your so vein means mood or humor. your so vein godlucifer

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