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I have been a poet for more than twenty years, and I write poems in several styles. Now I have a book that has been published by Wipf and Stock Publishers titled 'My Mind Simply Saying.' If you would like a copy, go to them or try Amazon.boooks. It gives an interesting and pleasurable reading. If you like fun and meaningful poetry, this book will give you that. My advice to young poets is to write from the heart and not be so argumentative when they read comments on their poems that do not go well or agree with the estimation they have of them. Criticism is part of writing and poetry gets a lot of it. Even the great Shakespeare does not have everybody agreeing that all his poetry is of supreme value or excellence. Write, but especially try to read all kinds of poems, from the formal like the sonnet, the ode, the song to light verse and free style compositions. You can learn from all of them. If you want to be or become a good poet, you have to be serious about it. But if you write for just fun, or to let your feelings out, this is all-right, too.)

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Rachel Hill 15 October 2011

Truely great poems, Keep it up!

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Rachel Hill 05 September 2012

I like your style...keep it up.

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Ryan Walker 13 October 2011

I thank you for your comments on my page, for yes, I do know the power that short poems hold. I see you are cognizant of this simple fact as well.

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Richard Beevor 20 May 2014

In Summertime, good for you Luis, remarkable

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Rachel Hill 04 July 2021

Great poems

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Sally Plumb Plumb 16 June 2021

Sally Plumb. Thankyou for your critique. Taken on board.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 July 2020

........NICE SONNET POEM SpLIT INTO 3 PARAS THEN LAST TWO LINES abab cdcd efef gg=14lines SONNETRY IS DIFFICULT TOO MANY REGULATIONS BUT I DON'T BOTHER reading them is fun cut out too many ands shows paucity of words friend or leave it as it is ur wish

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Luis Estable 16 July 2018

I really do not like your poems, especially those with a sexual and mental disorder theme.

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Howard Savage 05 January 2016

I am in agreement with you assessment of what poetry is. Keep writing.

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