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Distance stretches
to the horizon,
over the edge
is the distance down.

When I missed you
on a fateful day,
and my mental sustenance
was drained with misery,

Your sunny cheeks
are as red
as the autumn apple
and as shiny

Harold Wilson once said,
"A week is a long time
in politics".

Is that the time?
Has it passed by
so suddenly
without reason or with rhyme?

Say we can meet
in the astral place,
then I can travel
deaths dark corridoor

The perfect silence
of your eyes
as I look into
your thoughts

In this angry world,
stay close, darlin'.
We are united by words,
with words,

Kitty blue dress,
princess of sorrow,
died today,
will live tomorrow

Life at the moment
is like weak tea,
and strained like me.


Anger threatens
and bursts throught fast.
The swelling breast
stretches the sinews

It is a beautiful place.....
this mystery of where you are,
full of golden trees

Dream on, dearie,
deep in pillow.
Your ever knit brow
is slackened now.

She could hear the piano
playing as slow
as his seductive fingers.
The lingering sound


If in
another space
our two minds
could interlace

Let his eyes net,
net her,
his sweet sweat,
sweat her,

Death is a lump in the throat.
Acute awareness of the inanimate,
bareness in extreme...
cold, full and frozen.

Turn your eye
and don't look back,
the littered past
is long and black.

Chickens picking amongst wild flowers.
Undug patches with netting bowers.
Tuberculosis that's running rife.
Sore, scrubbed hands on every wife.


Swank back,
swing arse
girls of glass.
Don't pass them

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I have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.Education - basic.Left school ay 15 to work on a production line. University of life.)

The Best Poem Of Sally Plumb Plumb

A Humorous Death

Distance stretches
to the horizon,
over the edge
is the distance down.
I am over
Falling slow as a feather.

My past passes me,
It is a long way,
the bottom.
In the mortuary of mind
lay my ancestors
arms open and calling.
The dying left in me
will not speed its entirity
towards the inevitable.

>> <<

My ancestors are laughing now.
Applauding joyfully,
glad that I am released
from the restrictions of being.

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Jerry Hughes 13 December 2009

University of life? Join the club. Cheers, Jerry

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The 4am Poet Worm 02 June 2010

wow so many poems which is your favourite? ... please read my birthday song..

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The 4am Poet Worm 12 July 2010

strange how the small poems have the biggest effect.....scattering words around the rim of my mind :)

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Prabir Gayen 14 December 2018

Very versatile thinker........

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Sally PP 10 April 2021

It is a lovely comment. Thankyou

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Terry Dawson 17 January 2016

An Emily Dickenson for our times, perhaps?

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David Shoestring 26 March 2014

Hi Sally, I chose a poem of yours at random - 1957 - “…kohl-eyed, black lashed Saturday morning spenders” ‘Good God’ I thought …were you there? ’ Straight back to the ‘Riviera’ and ‘Elasona’ coffee bars and the local ‘Plaza’ on Saturday nights. Another couple - ‘Aunt Rose’ you say is kid’s stuff - we were all kids at one time and ‘Seagull’ - how often we fail to notice the things we frequently see. Great work.

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Sally P P 10 April 2021

I loved your remarks. Thanks and best regards

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Allan Farran 13 January 2012

Yes the universety of life of which I am one also gd to read your poems. I hav been writing poetry myself for about 20 years untill recently didnt know they were any good. Now I realise and now it flows.

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Ramesh Rai 14 October 2011

Most Respected Madam, I have posted few poems, if possible please read once my poem bcoz your comments shall be more valuable than my poems with kind regards ramesh rai

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