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What is love if love is not around?
If love does not sing
'I love you' anymore
Or play no music at all?

I am a child
Who open my eyes
And get what I see
Who move my hips

What sense that she is present?
These are grasses that she has grieve at
There they’ve gone and smart they stood
Has Emerald drunk those flowing rivers that came from her swollen lids?

They say it was a place
Of colorful butterflies
floating around virgin waterfalls...
It is not!

I see how my hands were bruised
I stepped and felt my feet calloused,
Bend these knees to ease the pain
Release me now unlock the chain.

I keep this pillow
as to keep your smiles
I keep this pillow
as to keep your tears that have dried

The Landing

There’s that daisy facing the sun
With two little morning daisies right

Twenty nine moons…
here, she slept with smiles…
And the pillows just smile with her,
Same as the cloth

“Gusto ko lang naman magrelax, eh! , ”
Another one is, “Nangangalay na ko.., ”
carrying our baby.
“Para kong nilalagnat.., ”

When the rains stopped falling with the Eastern Winds,
When the moons are visibly spiral and good as new,
And darkness is enlightened with the stars of Andromeda…
It was yesterday’s next morning when tears are few.

I am his guitar
I brought him music
He tuned me up
Followed whatever

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I'm a returning college student... I am currently studying at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Open University System. I became a widow at the age of 21, so I had to go back to schooling. Poetry is one of my passions since I was 11 yrs. old. I lost my pieces which are usually written at the back of my notebooks. Since I found this site I decided to pile them together here. I write only when I have very big emotions that tries to blow up my heart. So I put it on the paper... and eventually everything seemed to be doing well.)

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My Love

What is love if love is not around?
If love does not sing
'I love you' anymore
Or play no music at all?

What is love if love is not there?
If love has taken
my soul and my air?
Though love was true, it's just not fair!

So does my love wants to love
but cannot love anymore
Yes... my love has gone,
Am I worth dying for?

What is love if love is all but nowhere?
If love is ought to be love
yet no love at all
If love has died, what was that for?

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Luningning Minguez Popularity

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