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27 May 2015

A year ago today I learned a valuable lesson, one that sticks with me everyday, and that is to never let your guards down no matter how much you love a person. Things change fast, and so do people. Expect for the worse at any given minute, but never give up on life, stay strong and things eventually get better with time. -LT

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The Small Things In Life

It's the little things in life that matter the most
Those things stay with your heart very close

It can brighten a frown to a smile
And make someone's day worth wild

It doesn't matter if you're receiving or giving
It makes your life worth a living

These small acts of kindness keeps the world go round
Gods in the sky and were all on the ground

He can't do it all
So we need to step up, even if it's something small

So the next time you see a chance to help out
Don't forget, this is what life is all about

Helping each other find the way
In this life we live every day

It can be hard
But we all need a good card

So when our days are slowly coming to a stop
We can make it to that mountaintop

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Lyndsay Thomas Popularity

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