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It's the little things in life that matter the most
Those things stay with your heart very close

It can brighten a frown to a smile

I am going to write you a love song
And sing it to your soul all night long

I'm going to show you how love should be


You told me goodbye and never turned around
As you drove off, I dropped to the ground
Cried and cried wishing you'd come back
How'd your heart turn so black?

Without any warning 
Early morning

The moon disappears

You've always been my better half
Always there to make me laugh

Today feels like we're drifting apart

My life's never seen grayer skies
I have yet to tell you a final goodbye 
My heart can't handle this pain
The salty water from my eyes can't be contained

She saw the light and smiled again
She let go of the past that was causing the pain
It didn't take no time for a new guy to come along
Then he said the 3 words before long

Tried to fall asleep
By counting sheep

But it failed 

Opposites Don’t Attract

The difference between us is our mixed expressions.
Like if you add us together, there’s no solution.

The record has stopped playing.
But i still sing it every once in awhile.


Never give up on hope

Even when your at the end of the rope

26 and grown
Why did she feel so alone

Her heart is breaking



I loved you with all my heart

Love is hard to find
It messes with your heart and your mind.

Roses are red
and violets are blue
Have I told you lately, that I miss you?

I saw him today
I turned my head without a delay

Constantly thinking about you is a habit of mine

I don't want to move forward I just want to rewind

I have these feelings built up inside of me
So I shove them in a bottle and throw them out to sea

She remembers the day you left
You left her heartbroken and distressed

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The Small Things In Life

It's the little things in life that matter the most
Those things stay with your heart very close

It can brighten a frown to a smile
And make someone's day worth wild

It doesn't matter if you're receiving or giving
It makes your life worth a living

These small acts of kindness keeps the world go round
Gods in the sky and were all on the ground

He can't do it all
So we need to step up, even if it's something small

So the next time you see a chance to help out
Don't forget, this is what life is all about

Helping each other find the way
In this life we live every day

It can be hard
But we all need a good card

So when our days are slowly coming to a stop
We can make it to that mountaintop

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A year ago today I learned a valuable lesson, one that sticks with me everyday, and that is to never let your guards down no matter how much you love a person. Things change fast, and so do people. Expect for the worse at any given minute, but never give up on life, stay strong and things eventually get better with time. -LT

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Lyndsay Thomas Popularity

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