Lyndsay Thomas Poems

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The Small Things In Life

It's the little things in life that matter the most
Those things stay with your heart very close

It can brighten a frown to a smile

My Love Song For You

I am going to write you a love song
And sing it to your soul all night long

I'm going to show you how love should be


You told me goodbye and never turned around
As you drove off, I dropped to the ground
Cried and cried wishing you'd come back
How'd your heart turn so black?

Drip Drop

Without any warning 
Early morning

The moon disappears

Once Was

You've always been my better half
Always there to make me laugh

Today feels like we're drifting apart

You Left Me

My life's never seen grayer skies
I have yet to tell you a final goodbye 
My heart can't handle this pain
The salty water from my eyes can't be contained

I Let Go

She saw the light and smiled again
She let go of the past that was causing the pain
It didn't take no time for a new guy to come along
Then he said the 3 words before long

Sandman's Magic

Tried to fall asleep
By counting sheep

But it failed 

Math Poem

Opposites Don’t Attract

The difference between us is our mixed expressions.
Like if you add us together, there’s no solution.

Broken Record

The record has stopped playing.
But i still sing it every once in awhile.

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