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You difficult man
Let me into your soul
My hand is outstretched
For you to hold

So sweet; so innocent, the child of heaven
Fallen into revulsion, called Earth
Calling out to the depraved to love
And be loved

High in the mountains
Weathered in cold
A man of young
Has now grown old


I sought light in darkness and darkness in light
I lost time and wasted in anticipation

I awaited flowers in autumn and snow in spring

The disease crept silently
It took over my thoughts
It eroded me and left me cruelly
Depressed and stupid

I am the walking light
I am the vigilant night
I am the longing sight
I am the tentative plight

I was trodding through a lonely path in my life
A broken heart; A wretched mind

A time when love didn’t exist anymore

You are an element of my body
Progeny of my soul
The core of my being
I look at you and lose sight of myself

Why do we breathe, immutable compulsive lies?
Have we lost our fear, of the strength of the skies.

What is the essence of pain can anybody tell me?

In the darkness
Lay me down
In confinement

Every morning I wake up and see angels in our midst
They are not afraid to show their love, compassion and generosity
They give of themselves freely and unconditionally
I see Angels and they see me

Driven to the brink

I don’t ask for pleasures
Or the worldly treasures
I don’t expect the heavens
Or temporal inane leisures

You have withdrawn from me
for reasons I do not understand
You have begun to avoid me
when I reach to touch your hand

~Instead of only thinking of how much we endure and cry
we must also think about how much we make others cry

~Do not give your love to me out of pity

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My Hand Is Outstretched

You difficult man
Let me into your soul
My hand is outstretched
For you to hold

Let me run my fingers
Through your hair
Kiss you with my eyes
Touch you with the air

Let me shelter your passion
A salvation you so much need
To cleanse you from the apostasy
On which your demons feed

I can only offer my love
You afflicted man
My hand is outstretched
Reach out to me

Let me take you to places
Places where you can
Smell the colours and see the scents
Places where simplicity prevails

Let me remove the impediments
From your eyes
At least let me give you sight
I can see, so perfectly see
The aura which you breathe

Mysterious man
Turn if you can
Search the depths of my soul
.. and see..
My hand is outstretched

-1998 – ©Copyright Lynette Dias-Gouveia

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Herbert Nehrlich1 10 April 2005

Lynette, I appreciate your background which is non-conventional. It has probably played a role in bringing out your undoubted talent, I for one am glad for it. I love the depth of your writing, unpretentious and genuine and you seem to be free of the ties of expectation such as rhyme here, metre there... You have the makings of a great poet. H

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Tracy Panjwaneey 09 April 2005

Very well written, I especially like: My hand is Outstretched, Me and Daniels Cry...i have written a few as well i must share them with you some time... Take Care Tracy

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