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</>it makes you laugh
it makes you smile
it kills
it lives


it means best friends forever,
we agreed to that, remember?
we haven't talked in over a week, and i miss you
after everything, i think this is the longest we haven't spoken,

the heart wants, something to hold,
some one to love,
a reason to beat,
another drum, that its own sound can synch too.

You must learn it,
Then live it.
'One second' always seemed like an hour,
Til you realized how long an hour was,

There was something about the way he looked at me.....
Your smile,
Your eyes, the way you held me.....
It felt so good......

I always said, i want to be a teacher.
to educate those that society gave up on.
but now, im not so sure, that i still want to.
its not the work load, its the technical stuff. low pay,

three words.
no way, not her.
a high society façade, that is mistaken as intelligence and being 'proper'

what is it?
the way he looked?
that devilish smile framed by a boyishly handsome charm.
the warmth of his smile, and the sparkle in his eyes as he ran a finger along my jaw.

Take me away....
To places I can only find in my dreams.
scenes and landscapes that my heart begs for,
and my eyes lust after.

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I'm 18. I'm different, I have been told I am a very loving person, and that I have a warm heart. I love my school, my friends, my family, my life. I love to write random things. I love to sing and dance, but I know for sure I'll never be as good at any thing as my friends are, accept maybe loving. i have an open heart, and accept every one for who they are.)

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</>it makes you laugh
it makes you smile
it kills
it lives
it made me laugh
it made me smile
it killed me
it breathed new life in me
it made me see who's real who's fake
you did that
you made me laugh and smile
you killed me and brought me back to life
when i look at myself now i feel pretty and
i don't see the faults anymore
we; re not together anymore but
you still treat me the same
maybe even a little better.
you are love, my love
i found the reasons to try it again
yes you helped me do that
thank you we'll always be friends
i promise no matter what! ;)


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