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Why do you damn me Fates?
Curse me to live unloved?
Am I so unworthy?
Are the Gods so heartless?

As The days pass by,
And the kids ride painted horses,
Families smile again,
Remember the memories,

The moon,
Her stars,
Chase thee Sun away,
Bring forth the night,

How can my face turn away the shadows,
How can my face turn away the beasts,
The phantoms,
The shades of the past set before me,

Heavens falling,
Though Hell is rising,
The wandering stranger,
Brings to light,

I stood outside the window,
Watching as you cried yourself to sleep,
I know what I did was wrong,
I know what I did caused you pain,


Her voice rang through eternity, A life of loneliness,
Echoing through the ages of men.
It rang clear,
The voice of pain,

What good is her voice,
Her voice like the wind,
When I can not hear it?

Now the time has come for socializing,
Cheers of hooray and hooray in the air,
The Ivory Lady in this visage,
Awaiting her knight of civility,


He sat by the window,
He knew that he would never see her,
Or, at least, she him,
So he just sat there,

In the north,
I knew a fine white lass,
But down south, they were cold as ice to me.


Look at this world,
What can you,
All of us do,

A building, a flaw, a war of so much dismay,
The vine which climbs, chokes the fateful sorrow,
The blast, the cannon, the dreadful black machines,
Striking, hitting, the walls do crumble,

Here upon the ground do I lie,
The hint of death upon my eye,
No longer can I see,
The man I used to be;

M.A. Wood Biography

I was born in Iowa, started writing poetry when I was 13, took a break awhile ago to write a Tolkien style book, which is still being worked on, but I'm writing poetry again. Missed it I guess. I am engaged, for about a year an a half. It is not easy, she is my senior by seven years, but I love her, so I can keep strong.)

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Poem Of An Unloved Greek...

Why do you damn me Fates?
Curse me to live unloved?
Am I so unworthy?
Are the Gods so heartless?

Forget my thread of life,
Forget my need of love,
Doomed either way am I,
For the Fates do their job;
Unstoppable by hands,
At least these mortal hands,

Though what god would stop them?
These Fates three whole them to,
Everyone is entwined,
God, Mortal, all the same,
In eyes of Fates untamed.

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