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might i make mention,
of a looming crimson sky
this moment now fleeting
and will quickly pass you by

Into a melody, a memory shall flow
Guided by an echo, and, ever so slow
O're to the mountains, t'is dancing on a breeze
T'is the echo laughing with the trees.

shall i serve you cookies and tea
won't you share a time with me
for there is laughter in my heart
for the first time since you did part

A milestone of the heart
Has the wind for a friend
Tis inspiration for the soul
That stays true to the end.

lead me not to a path of righteousness, but, rather
lead me to guidance and understanding

bring forth a truth, so contageous and colorful

into the wind
we all will soar
and flightless dreams
will be no more

The king the Willow and I, one day
Set our sights for fun and play,
The king is my brother, the Willow a tree,
And the letter I belongs to me.

Seen from a bus, your second hand view,
But seen by me was perfectly new,
The sun seen rising to meet the new day,
The bus seen continuing on journey's own way,

I ponder during the day
Certainly at night time too
For if I didn't ponder
I'd have nothing to do.

sing my little city dove, sing
for their is delight in the songs you bring,
upon sunny day's and warm skies
while sirens ring and the city cries.

A ship has set sail
And its anchor aweigh
A dream will come forth
From that very day

fades from an
awakening memory,

enchanted are the hearts
that frolic in the depths of a vibrant soul
for there is life
in the heart of the nurtured


seek not for the pounding of the heart
but pursue the caress of the gathering
if it is not your true self,
then where is the wanting soul?

Love awakens the inner self,
and let's bloom what is to bloom.
Innocence can die young,
but, a heart can cure.

to embrace who you are;
'I am what I am'
to see life as it is;
'I see what I see'

there a white cloud
abandons a blue personna
a tree rests
in the air of day

in a sea

stranger, there thee well
a boy and girl play kiss and tell
the wind rocks a billowy cloud
the rocking of the leaves heard aloud

a solumn vow had been uttered
after rage had erupted
there in the pit of his stomach
he swore, 'Never Again! '

M Rene Riel Biography

At present I am a mother of a grown daughter and have been living in Ontario for about 38 years. I was educated in both USA and Canada.(Grade 12) My favorite passtime is writing, something of which I passed on to my daughter. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed writing them.I will hopefully attend college in the fall. Will take as many English courses as possible.)

The Best Poem Of M Rene Riel

A Crimson Sky

might i make mention,
of a looming crimson sky
this moment now fleeting
and will quickly pass you by
in the light crimson lines
memories are there
it can quickly put you back
into the crimson I stare,
my days of youth gone
but, a memory doesn't age,
my thoughts of you linger
on a crimson stage,
these moments come and go
I want them all to last
my memories of you
are locked in a crimson past
might I make mention
about what you just read
the crimson is fleeting
but, the memories are in my head.

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M Rene Riel Popularity

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