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The principles are there.

I firmly choose


My dog left me

He fell asleep

An imprint of a plethora of love

that in my heart you tattooed



During an early morn

while my sleep was sound

Morose state

Turns a sweet tongue

I am like a worthless stone being thrown at the bulwark.

I must be strong to endure so many falls.

Let me go

Let me touch the breeze


Like a horse without his rein

Allow your living spirit

To me, enkindles fire

I have become extremely happy when you came, treating me likewise your friend.

I presupposed that no friendship would be built between the two of us.

In the dark cellar

I silently went in

You didn't mean to wreck a home

All you did was purely love him

It's time to stay in the cave.

To hide for over a decade.

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The principles are there.

I firmly choose

not to exchange you

for base things.

You, wisdom, is my guard

and you are the very treasure

that I have.

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Life is about sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. It's like dying inside, but with greater fulfillment.

I don't own myself anymore. I am yours, totally yours.

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