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An imprint of a plethora of love

that in my heart you tattooed

The principles are there.

I firmly choose


My dog left me

He fell asleep

In the dark cellar

I silently went in

You didn't mean to wreck a home

All you did was purely love him

It's time to stay in the cave.

To hide for over a decade.



During an early morn

while my sleep was sound

Morose state

Turns a sweet tongue

I am like a worthless stone being thrown at the bulwark.

I must be strong to endure so many falls.

Let me go

Let me touch the breeze


Like a horse without his rein

Allow your living spirit

To me, enkindles fire

I have become extremely happy when you came, treating me likewise your friend.

I presupposed that no friendship would be built between the two of us.


Don't expect people to be the same.

As time goes by, people change.


No esperes que la gente sea igual

A medida que pasa el tiempo la gente cambia.

Your chatoyant eyes are comely.

They induce my senses

It's hard to accept that you're gradually fading.

& It's hard to accept that you can no longer sing.

¿Adónde fuiste?

Saliste sin decir una palabra.

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The Best Poem Of Maria Gallego- Jiménez

A Plethora Of Love

An imprint of a plethora of love

that in my heart you tattooed

Your sweet smiles and your caresses that always drive my soul to bliss.

Your certain words of assurances

Give me wings to fly high above the sky

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Life is about sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. It's like dying inside, but with greater fulfillment.

I don't own myself anymore. I am yours, totally yours.

A part of us should die in order to live.

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