MacGregor Tagliaferro Poems

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Halycon Days

Dear pretty muse, open your eyes,
How can I sleep when you lie near?
Were I with you all night I could,
From sleep be free and never need.

The Day We Met

The day we met
Stands apart
From all the other days
In my memories

Fall Into Her

He was so tired
He had not slept well
He needed to check on the horses
He needed to split and stack some wood

The Lack Thereof

Amid the mystic fields of dreams
I wandered, and came on a grave.
Breathlessly still was all around
Yet breathin' with an easy heart;

Those Eyes

Those eyes that set my thoughts and dreams on fire,
Those winsome lips that hold my heart in chains,
Those lovely legs which conquered my desire,
That wit which of my thoughts does hold the reins

I Remember

I remember, longingly, when
Your lips, which I adored, would touch
Mine, and your lovely fingers clutched
My heart, and I in turn clutched yours;

Into The Silence

When it was all over
He returned to the house
He went up into the bedroom
And saw her dress

These Days

We woke early in the mornin'
I brought her coffee in bed.
We worked out then washed each other
I started writin' on the porch

Wyoming Blues

Sun shinin' down
Stars fill the sky
Give me shelter
Though without you


Thinkin' of Paris
Always begins and ends
With thoughts of you
and how you brought

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