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i am a girl in my 20's who takes great enjoyment in writing poetry. my poems are selections for all ages. some poems are meant for more mature readers, and others delightful to children.
As you read my poetry, you will immediatly be whisked away on jubilous journeys, be taught the importance of true love, laugh with me at spontanious scenes, and ...

Macy (Nina) Dvirnak Poems

Baby's Breath

Doubt ye not,
The power of words,

For they can build up,

Spring Did Come.

Spring did come,
On butterfly's wings.
On a flitting bird,
And the song it sings.

Common Sense, Or Not So Common?

If you possess,
An ignorant ear,
You will also possess,
Stumbling feet.


God Spoke

Why is the world here today?
The Lord spoke
Why are we sinners, like sheep gone astray?
The Lord Spoke.

Macy (Nina) Dvirnak Quotes

20 September 2015

They who dare to dream, will become those who dare to succeed. It is these who hold the future.

04 November 2015

Sometimes the wisest thing you can think of to say, is to actually- not say anything, at all.

14 January 2019

hurry! Scurry! never worry!

14 January 2019

the Challenge just one question, before this challenge be sought- Dare thee, Or dare thee not?

14 January 2019

dream Wherever there's a will there is a way and wherever a dream may be it dawns into reality making the dream come true one day

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