MaddiiAnne O'Leary Poems

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Female Analogy

I am sorry if the people who read this are religious but this is just my point of view.

Male and Female are two parts of a species.
But both chose different weapons and brain functions in the beginning.


The quietest time in the night.
The worst time to be awake.
This time is 3am.
At this time even wolves sleep.

Women Slavery

If all regions of the world were equal in all tasks and topics,
The world would be a better place.
If there was no such thing as a slave,
If there was no such as women slaves.

Heart And Mind

My heart says one thing,
My mind says another.
My heart says that I luv them both,
But my mind says that I luv only one of them.

Who To Choose.

You have the key to lock my prison door.
The prison I lock myself in.
I lock myself up, so I don't hurt anyone.

The Guilt Circle.

When there is Guilt,
There is Pain.
When there is Pain,
There are Tears.


Who is out there?
All I can see is black.
Why am I here?
Who will ever know?

Let Me Forget!

For once in my life, let me forget!
Let me forget sadness and pain,
Let me forget those days with you,
Let me forget the relationship we had,

Elements Of The Soul.

Shadow is controlled by hell herself.
Wood eventually betrays Spirit.
Earth is the rock or Security system.
Water is Spirit's carer.

I Miss You! ! !

No matter how much I say to myself I hate you,
I still somehow miss you...
You are my friend, my blood brother and the person who keeps me sane...
I miss you with all my soul;