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It is sad,
When you find that a friend will soon leave,
I mean leave for good,
Never come back,

If you try,
You can be anyone you want...

the wind stings your face
as you glide down the mountain side.
your skis are perfect.

A lost mind.
I'm confused.
'Make up your mind! ' I tell myself.
I can't, everyone says something different.

this is not an object,
not even describable by its name.
what is its meaning?

I offer you my help.
Like a lighthouse I will stand for your benefit.
I will guide you to safety.
If you need a place to go,

Would you just realize,
What I just realized,
That we'd be perfect for eachother,
and we'd never have to wonder,

Well as you can tell,
This is just another one of those poem thingies.

But I ask you,

Thank you for being good,
Thank you for being bad.

Thank you for being nice,

It causes pain and suffering,
Too much strain and rebuffering,
It takes peoples' lives,
And leaves us with tears in our eyes.

It happens to all of us,
At one time or another.
We all lose someone to 'popularity'
And we know that it may not feel very good.

When a person is in your life in one way,
And then leaves.
The person isn't gone. They
Are still there, in your

I cry on her shoulder,
I tell her everything.
She is there for me always
And we understand eachother so well.


The truth is,
They are all the same.

Everything will change but

It all matters in which place you put yourself.

In danger?

This could be the end,
But no matter how exactly it ends,
My love will remain the same

Running through
With 8 children at your side.
Laughing, Smiling!
As Happy as ever.

I tried so hard not to attach myself.
I'm not the type of girl to have a broken heart.
It's not usually this hard for me to say good-bye.
What is it about you that just seems to sweep me off my feet,


What did I do to him,
That would give him the right
To say those things,

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Cancer Of A Friend

It is sad,
When you find that a friend will soon leave,
I mean leave for good,
Never come back,

Does the responsibility
To us.
Let him go,
Or keep him for the last few months,
Of pain.

He walks into the room,
Pale and thin,
No one person speaks.
'Hi, it's nice to see you again! '
I say after a silence
that makes my friend,
I dare not ask how he feels
For I already know,
This may be his last visit...

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Dear Maddy, U have talent and are writing very good short poems.What u have to do next is posting more..U r a lazy poet who can go for a higher status..Be posting... Hugs...

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