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The Arrow And The Skeleton

Are you still waiting?
At our tree our spot,
Are you still waiting for me?
Like you promised all those years ago,


Our darkest days have never seen this much light. We've been split by a war we never had to fight. It took one word of misunderstanding to lead a whole nation to an ending.
The lower class men weep over pockets full of nothing while royals have crowns upon their heads, while the peastants who harvest them wind up dead.
People die so the goverment lies stay unfound. They tell us everything is alright. Lies, lies lies, keep telling us because thats the only thing people ever seem to hear, not the wishpers of truths hidden amoungest the young. They use us for scams making us build cities and dams calling it popular demand.
Hand over your neck, seeing the cops now makes us sweat because the thought of a gun, pointed at your son seems to be the new media's normal. We must starving for the media just keeps giving us more and more five course meal and pay no money just your souls and sanity. We're in the storm jus stuck in the eye.


Honestly, I used to love the Sun.
I thought they used to look so pretty.
When I told you i wasn't ready yet-
You said it was alright


This world once called me pure.
Ground turned black the sky rose gold
Once living turned dead and dead turned living
Doctors working on finding a cure

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05 November 2021

'Please just take my heart, break it, throw it away, keep it, I don't care anymore. I just can't keep holding onto it when all it wants is you.'

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