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Do I miss you more?
Your words absent
Hollow space on white page
Where our love

Seeing Red

She wakes, with hot emotion streaming
warm and wet, across one rosy cheek.
Slowly reason rises, tears subside,
for many times does bitter obligation

Right Here Right Now

There is no need for you to visit me
I can change light bulbs, tap washers and flat tyres.
Take out the garbage, mow the lawn and trim the edges

Natural History

Lowered eyes, every footfall soundless,
bony shoulders rise and fall as pistons
And strike! Death is delivered,
the quarry stilled in an instant.

Damage Control

The first day sings sublimely in his mind,
standing on the honed blade of her smile.
She permeates each niche of his desire,
brazen joys which better sense denies.

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I’m a country girl, who now lives and works in the city. I was a shy kid, particularly as a teenager, until I figured out how to pretend that I wasn’t. Since then, the world has decided that I’m a party animal. Maybe I went a bit far.
I enjoy walks in the bush, and I write a regular newsletter for my walking club. I’m an unashamed foodie, and ...

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