Right Here Right Now Poem by Maggie Munro

Right Here Right Now

Rating: 5.0

There is no need for you to visit me
I can change light bulbs, tap washers and flat tyres.
Take out the garbage, mow the lawn and trim the edges
I can pay my own debts, sand and paint the house
Choose new clothes without a second opinion
Visit mum without calling for reinforcements
I can split firewood, put up a tent, read a map,
Bury a dead cat, argue with the telephone company
And open my own bottle of sparkling white wine
I don't need you

There is no need for me to visit you.
You can keep up house, with spotless polished floors,
Bathrooms gleaming brightly, all is neat and tidy.
You grasp the supermarket trolley with unnatural joy,
Happily selecting the best in pantry and produce,
And can buy your own socks and unmentionables.
You can even throw the old ones out without getting upset,
Cook Irish stew; iron a whole shirt, not just the front,
Remember all the birthdays and fuss over the children.
You don't need me

We can slow dance naked in the crackle of the fire
Tiptoe out across the dewy lawn at the fall of dusk
Giggle and squawk at snails crunching under bare feet
Embrace the warm organic blackness of the garden shed
Savour secret dirty kisses like we've only met just now
Imbibe the heady perfumes of the roses after dark
Run a bath and overflow it as we both climb in
Dine messily on fresh cream teas and whiskey in the bed
Write poems to each other with a kiss for each new line
Make love til each one smiles that softly sated smile
And with hearts and fingers meshed, gently drift to sleep

There is no need
For a tomorrow

No snails were harmed in the making of this poem...
Terry O'leary 30 December 2012

Unusual combination of independence and 'togetherness'... Very nice... Terry

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Paul Brookes 29 December 2012

Great poem reminds me of my indepenent mom Thanks for sharing Have a Happy New Year : O)

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Valerie Dohren 12 December 2012

A touch of reality here, finished off with a dose of romance. Pleased to learn that no snails were harmed!

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Lyn Paul 07 December 2012

How beautiful Maggie. Love you sharing your power and independence but importantly tonights romance. EnjoyXx

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Prasanna Kumari 05 December 2012

there is some freshness in the poem.... with the smooth flow of words we feel it

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