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Malcolm Wheatman Poems

1. Literary Clerihew 9/3/2012
2. Unrequitem 9/4/2012
3. Sunset On The Boulevard 9/4/2012
4. A Proverbial Haiku 9/4/2012
5. My Twelve Days One Christmas 9/4/2012
6. Young Love 9/5/2012
7. Biomath 9/5/2012
8. Cured? 9/5/2012
9. Cnstptn 9/6/2012
10. The Six-Day Week 9/6/2012
11. The Feast 9/6/2012
12. March Music 9/6/2012
13. Literary Clerihew 2 9/5/2012
14. Mouche Ado...? 9/5/2012
15. Entering Into The Spirit? 9/5/2012
16. ... And The Hatchet? 9/5/2012
17. Watching That Space 9/5/2012
18. Insomnia 9/5/2012
19. Dusk To Dusk 9/6/2012
20. Paintbox 9/5/2012

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Now the world is almost dark
You ask what colour are your eyes? ...
The colour of the night I see reflected there,
Tinged with hues of sorrow and of joy;
The glints of rainbowed thoughts and, deeper,
Palettes of emotion, unfilled space,
Grey scales that trace the trails of past endeavour,
Down to velvet-black behind your star-strewn dreams.

The tints of time inch forward in their circle,
Uncurtaining emotion as they pass;
Purple thunder echoes blue, and far away within,
The world soon gathers brightness from your gaze,
Becoming that first light ...

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Literary Clerihew

Milton and Tennyson - no fools,
Likely went to public schools
Where, not by their own designs
When forced to write a hundred lines,
Did they take the opportunity to wade
Into more of their Paradise Lost and Charge of the Light Brigade?

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