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Mallika Sengupta was a Bengali poet, feminist, and reader of Sociology from Kolkata, known for her "unapologetically political poetry".


Mallika was born in Krishnanagar, a village in Nadia district, West Bengal, India. Sengupta is a proponent of an unapologetically political poetry and an important voice in contemporary Ben ...

Mallika Sengupta Poems

Tell Us Marx

She who spun rhymes, wove blankets
The Dravidian woman who sowed wheat
In the Aryan man’s fields, reared his kids
If she isn’t worker, then what is work?

The Husband's Black Hands

The moment she tucks in the mosquito net and goes
to bed, her husband's black hands fumble after


The drumroll of centuries —
our hearts beat
with hopes and fears.

The Girl On The Sunlit Road

As the shadows of Minto Park shifted
They too moved away from the sun's heat,
The two creatures who had left the dreadful house
Two storm-tossed birds - daughter and mother.

Khanaa's Song

Listen o listen:
Hark this tale of Khanaa
In Bengal in the Middle Ages

Mallika Sengupta Comments

Malay Ghosh 17 October 2020

I wan t to print the poem Amar Durga

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Madan Chandra Ghorai 27 November 2019

I want to print the Kanyaslok/Aamar Durga in bengali version.

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Shyamal Mukherjee 10 July 2019

Draupadi Janmo poem in print form

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