Mallory Horne

Rookie (October 15,1993 / Westerville, Ohio)

Mallory Horne Poems

1. The World In Poetic Form 11/15/2007
2. You 2/26/2008
3. Hurt Inside 3/3/2008
4. James 3/20/2008
5. Sarah 4/4/2008
6. The Rich And The Poor 4/9/2008
7. Leave 4/15/2008
8. Friends No More 5/22/2008
9. Thomas 5/22/2008
10. Memories 6/4/2008
11. Acceptence 9/7/2008
12. Belmont Pines Hospital 12/7/2009
13. Amber 12/7/2009
14. Anger 12/7/2009
15. A Day And A Life 12/6/2007
16. Caught 12/17/2007
17. Say 12/6/2007
18. Strenghth 12/5/2007
19. Broken By Birth 12/6/2007
20. Help! 12/7/2009

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Best Poem of Mallory Horne


Bottling up my emotions every single day,
Feeling so numb, that I don't feel real.
Rehursing and praciting the things I would say.
While living dead inside it's hard to deal.

Pride consumes my body,
Scars make up my fleash.
Black and white is how I see.
Feeling dirty even while freash.

Can't ask for help even if I were dying.
It's a problem of mine I must admit.
I will avoid my phobia of clowns and flying.
Even though suicide is what I will likely committ.

My walls are miles high, with no signs of weakness.
There is no one I will allow even...

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Staring at people with your eyes of stone,
They cower in fear with their glass portals,
Fearing your ability to break them,
Or make them it’s all up to you.

Walking this town it seems to become more empty by the day,
It’s hard to say if you’ll make anything out of that thing you call a life,
This whole world’s become one big joke, and I’m the punch line,
It’s getting old always running around trying to rhyme.

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