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Often I talk to my soul while alone
Asked my soul why the world has becomeso selfish

Often when I am alone I do think
Why loneliness is my co-traveller

The days we spent together now

Every beautiful flower grows
under the shade of thorn

Happiness and sorrow are co-traveller

Whether you agree or not, silence is stronger than words
One who doesn't understand language of silence will never
understand the message of the words

We men being homo sapiens, are born
With genes of dominance on the weak.
Saga of human civilization have nothing but been
Dominance, oppression, suppression, rebellions

Smile is like morning sunrise
Smile is like morning breeze
Smile is like flow of the clam river
Smile is like nightingale song

Setting sun does have a message
Every one has a zenith and nadir

Life is a sequence of ups and downs


The biggest enemy of humanity has been the poverty

My sad poetry is reflection of reality
I being part of society, how can I detach myself from reality
Disappointments have been my co-travelers since long
I hate intolerance, naorrow mindedness and

Ho my love! Your parting left me all alone, I am now
Like a lonely traveler in vast desert amidst shifting dunes

It seems like a distant dreams whenever


Pillow is matchless and unparalleled as confidant
Never betrays the trust reposed in it by confidant

Human nature is very strange
Tolerate intemperate language
But becomes out of control
For someone silence

I remember her smile in the shining of firefly in the night
I remember her smile in the song of nightingale
I remember her smile in the morning shining dews
I remember her smile in the morning cool breeze

All prevent children from falling in life

It will be a matter of pride to prevent

Did you ever realize cry of the feelings
If you wish to hear then hear in silence
Where no one is there in solitude when alone

Try to live life with smile
Focus on what is wrong
Never focus on who is wrong
Trust what is to happen shall happen

Why it is some are happy and some are unhappy
Why it is some are successful and some are unsuccessful

Why it is some are very rich and some are very poor

Ever since I decided to love myself
Came tremendous changes in self

I was ignorant never thought

The beauty can be realized in life
Like loved ones love, morning cool
Breeze, and moonlit full moon night

Blossoming of flowers is matter of joy
Butterflies musical song a sight to watch

Dancing of leaves with flow of wind is

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My Dialogue With Soul


Often I talk to my soul while alone
Asked my soul why the world has becomeso selfish

Said soul when so much depredation is on
When very one is concerned about self

Whatever regime came to power,
They have sold dreams to the people

Remove poverty was used as slogan,
Those regime formed in the name of
Poor they too becamepredators

Many revolutions came and many regimes formed
But style of regime always remain self centered

The day the rulers understand their
Authority as their responsibility
That would be the real revolution
For poor in the country

Saidsoul she felt suffocated and depressed
And my body has becomea prison for soul

Would pray to God either free human from the misery'
Else do not givesuch punishment in the name of life

I said I have decided to live with hope, smile and happiness
Hearing my resolve Soul smiled and saidshe wouldgive
company to me provided if I could live life with smile

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Corporate self-deception is the biggest barrier to innovation.

Even the most beautiful roses have thorns Life is never a bed of roses but  thorns as well.

Nothing will stop even  after you have  gone Many came and went before  you but show goes on

An archaeologist  has a passion  for any thing old. His  love  for old increases with passage of time.

We say  means  must justify the ends. But I say there are no ends all are means including  your goal in life which is means to achieve  your cherished dreams  in life.! ! ! Change being permanent, all achievements are transient. Hence the struggles  of humanity are on  till eternity,

In terms  of my corporate experience both in PSU and pvt sector.the unethical conducts have had   more serious consequences on the  health of organization in the  long run   than the  criminal conducts.The genesis  of sick units  and never before all  time high NPA cases BOTH  IN PSU AND PRIVATE SECTOR are rooted in unethical - CHALTA HAIN  CULTURE OF  THESES COMPANIES. Ethics is the  foundation on which rests edifice of all  human enterprises. BE IT FAMILY, COMPANY, SOCIETY OR NATION.

Many  a time  I  am witness to that spectacle of life, People are silent but dialogue  is on among them.

Create qualities of mirror within you Even after being crushed into pieces Emerges like phoenix retaining its originality.

Do you know the  main difference  between mirror and wine? Mirror reveals our external and wine internal qualities.

Given the  never ending  distress arising out  of greed based corruption, our souls feel our  body is  like a prison and have  decided, On liberation after death, to request God  not to give the  same punishment again.! !

Remember, smile is the  best dress you can ever wear Immune to fashion, time and  age and ever green.

It is wrong to presume that army loves war They only know the  consequences of war and meaning of peace.

It is wrong to presume that army loves war They only know the  consequences of war and meaning of peace.

Unless  you have dreams, you can't make a mark  in life. Dreams are prerequisite for achieving excellence in life

As long as human society remain divided on the basis of race, religion, caste, our world will remain a flash point of conflict and strife. Peace and tranquility will remain homeless every where.

Failure builds character, success takes credit For.that reason we say nothing succeeds like failure

Never look for  perfect lover Look for perfect love Both  are beyond human reach

Tears are the best friend always with you both in happiness and tragedy

If you want to lead a happy and balanced life, focus in life has to be on what is wrong instead of who is wrong.

Whether you agree or not, no creature on earth can live alone.God has therefore created all livings in pair

Supreme happiness in life is that realization that you are being loved for your sake without any ulterior motive despite your many shortcomings.

Habit formation has to be nurtured and taken care so that children with right values are developed for their betterment and that of society. As saying goes habit is the nursery of deviant behaviour

Never ever there had been any person who was liked by all during his life time , Be it . a prophet, philosopher, saint, king, reformer, scientist, or a poet.

One thing proved beyond doubt again and again the bigger is the problem greater is the success, what is needed is patience, tolerance and perseverance.

Reputation and fame are external to your Personality which are outcome of your achievements in what ever you accomplish.

Never search for that person in life who deserves your love If any one does deserve your love and care it is you my friend.

Today we ; the humanity world over enjoy peace Reason; nuclear weapons are the best guarantee to act as deterrent and check; for that reason inventor deserve noble peace prize! ! ! !

1249. Absence of humour makes life barren. Such life will have the echo of grave yard.

Let us celebrate our unity in diversity, the very message of India's 5000years civilization.

No one can match the matchless beauty of death When she comes all follow her to the world of unknown.

When people are religious, it is the victory of truth and When people are communal, then defeat of humanism.

The aged old slogan that people are born equal is a historical blunder! ! ! .Of course we all are born free but not equal.

No pain is worth enduring unless end result is bliss, happiness and freedom.

No pain is worth enduring unless end result is bliss, happiness and freedom.

1128. All pains of struggles would turn into smiles when years' sacrifice turn into success in life

Those who live and fight for their selfish ends are no better than animals

Given the tsunami of changes taking place in our lives to succeed, one's reach must exceed one's grasp in life

HOW TO LIVE LIFE Try to live life with smile Focus on what is wrong Never focus on who is wrong Trust what is to happen shall happen Oh man! You are too small to change course of time. Time is power and wealth too. Whoever keeps pace With time is seento be successful in life To err is human being decedent of Adam and Eve Whoever will make mistake.In mistakes lie the Secrets of success provided one learns from mistakes Ignore the mistakes of your loved ones because they Are part of you and your destiny as well. Maintain working relationship with all But friendship only with chosen few Learn how to live life from your tongue Despite living amidst 32 teeth always remain unhurt! ! ! Most important keep your mouth shut and open when required like door! ! Finally, always listen more and talk less Because knowledge speaks and wisdom listens. mamutty CHOLA

Sagar ne kaha qatre se Tum kuch bhi nahi mere beger Qatre ne kaha sagar se Tumhara vajud mujh mein hai. DeepANDSMANI

No success is final all are transit camp Therefore, excellence is possible but not perfection because circumstances change. Mamutty cho

Do you know time never changes? It is the circumstances which keep changing. Mamutty

Do you know time never changes? It is the circumstances which keep changing. Mamutty

Never give up and quit in life Sun rises again after setting. Mamutty chola

All understand language of tears But who understand language of silence! Mamutty chola

Ocean told the drop Your existence is within me Drop said you are wrong You exist within me. Mamutty chola

The love which is devoid of loyalty Such love is nothing but deceit. Mamutty chola

River's destination is sea Road has no destination. Mamutty chola

Failure's extreme ultimately is success in life Like there is no darkness without day break. Mamutty ch

It is wrong to say that flowers grow under the shadow of thorns In reality the thorns are the protectors of flowers in the garden. Mamutty chola

QUOTES 1. Whether you agree or not, no creature on earth can live alone.Because God has, , created all living beings in pairs.. 2. It is wrong to say that our problems are due to external reasons.The fact is that we are what we are mainly based on our thoughts and actions. 3. The secret of success or failure depends on two factors. Neither give excuses nor accept excuses.. 4. Language of tolerance is silence. A quality essential in life to excel. Mamutty chola

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