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1. Never Compare With Others 4/24/2018
2. Trust Is Life 4/24/2018
3. Love The Life 4/24/2018
4. Separated Never Meet 4/24/2018
5. Gifts Of Nature 4/24/2018
6. Two Aspects Of Our Life 4/24/2018
7. It Has Been Years Since We Parted 4/24/2018
8. Departed Never Comes Back 4/24/2018
9. Friendship In Love 4/24/2018
10. My Destiny 4/24/2018
11. I Love Nature And Life 4/25/2018
12. Mumbai Rain 4/25/2018
13. Understanding Of Life 4/25/2018
14. Whymy Soul Is Sad Today 4/25/2018
15. Years Ago My Love 4/25/2018
16. Infinite Wait 4/25/2018
17. No Creature Can Live Alone 4/25/2018
18. Wisdom Is Supreme 4/25/2018
19. Understand Life; Fame Is Transient 4/25/2018
20. Poverty The Biggest Enemy Of Humanity 4/25/2018
21. Loneliness Of My Heart 4/25/2018
22. Darkness Gives Birth To Light 4/25/2018
23. Our Musical Earth 4/25/2018
24. That Stranger 4/25/2018
25. Life Is An Examination 4/25/2018
26. Wonders Of Faith 4/25/2018
27. Mother's Earth Cry 4/25/2018
28. Be Faithful To Your Partner In Life 4/25/2018
29. The Abys In My Life 4/25/2018
30. When I Sit Backand Reflect- - 4/25/2018
31. Power Of Integrity 4/25/2018
32. A Man With Courage Is Majority 4/25/2018
33. That Innocent Look 4/25/2018
34. Those Memorable Days 4/26/2018
35. That Beautiful Dawn 4/26/2018
36. Acts Of Kindness 4/26/2018
37. love And Hate 4/26/2018
38. Peace 4/26/2018
39. My Little Doll-Zeenat 4/26/2018
40. Live Lifelike Seasons 4/26/2018

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Curse Of Poverty


The biggest enemy of humanity has been the poverty

In all stages of human civilization rulers have been exploiting the poor

By selling them dreams since time immemorable.

No country in the world is immune to poverty and exploitation

The poverty as curse has been ruling the world as unfettered and invincible

Evil on earth.

Many isms like communism, socialism and capitalism came to power

To remove /eradicate poverty but all have turned into predators instead of

Savior of humanity.

As ...

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You Are My Love

Ever since you came in my life
I always wait for you. day and night
I wish to be with you together
in your arms, under the gaze of full moon
night and radiant stars above in the sky
You my love, rejuvenated my dormant love
And made me feel I am worth loving, beautiful.
adorable and can fall in love.

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