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Forever in my thoughts,
and always with your grace,
there lies the clearest image
of this; our love's embrace.

Make Haste! My dreams! For sleep ensures
that in the night I'm only yours!
So, bring the darkness; bring the night
until dawn brings its humbling light.

Drawing nigh, the time of choice inside my fiery soul
Digs deeper. All the while, lacking balance takes its toll.
The stone and mortar build a base from cold and empty ground
Erect, at length, the structure that has now come tumbling down.

The night; so quiet, so obscure
My thoughts are always seared
By remnance of the unforeseen
And all that I have feared

Fading gently into rest I listen to your words.
The deep contractions of your chest leave not a breath misheard.
Relaxing fully to the sound I feel a sigh release;
Enraptured by the bliss I've found that brings my soul to peace.


When sorrow shadows brightness from above
Misguided, faint emotions start to swarm
To battle saintly waves of bliss and love;
The brackish gray of hate becomes the norm.

Let the ghosts of my past come before me.
Let them honor my self as they fly.
They've created the darkness which stores me,
Where I cannot watch angels go by.

Shadows, fears, & visions of remembrance
Become the apparitions rushing by.
Taking heed the poisonous resemblance
Misguided past regrets & dreams denied.

Beyond the mist and shadows
The shed of blood has ceased,
And remnants of a sacred war
Leave scornful lives decreased.

I'm sitting here, loving you, watching you sleep
And wondering when you will rise
I long for your laughter, the glow of your smile,
And the sparkle that comes from your eyes


</>I bear these burdens day by day, for not that you should mind,
but living souls and beating hearts need more than what I find.
Purpose does not matter if the empty days ahead
make less the comforts of the night when we are warm in bed.

The Soul; golden, vibrant, & spreading its wings;
Weightless, surrounded by glass.
More treasure and riches than pharaohs and kings;
A sieve through which self-doubt shall pass.

The echo of Winter will never eclipse
The gentle breeze carrying Spring,
Or birds overhead, with their eyes well affixed
On the future for marvelous things.


My soul is a radiant beacon,
Sharing Indigo waves of true love;
Protection & warmth to bring comfort,
As wool in a cold iron glove.

I'd not dare complain
Of clean, vital rain
As falling like magic from heaven.
Remorsefully, so

Wailing now continues with impeccable persistence.
I cannot place importance of this vermian existence.
The stringent noises calculate the perfect end of time,
But, space will conquer all that's transcendental and sublime.


The dog and I were lying down,
When suddenly there was a sound.
Then voices came in blissful chorus
Angels stood in white before us.

I see them as spirals
When I close my eyes.
Kaleidoscope figures
Of all shapes and size.

I hope that goodness fills your life with everything you do
The laughter that you gift to those who mean the most to you
Will always be my weakness, for knowing that you're glad
In some ways makes me happy, not envious or mad.

Forcing secrets from the earth the clouds build slowly higher.
Rising thickness in the air predicts war to transpire.
For nothing can wane the thunder and rain as the black forces light to retire.

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Forever in my thoughts,
and always with your grace,
there lies the clearest image
of this; our love's embrace.

The stare with such intensity;
your eyes, the frames compose
to bring upon devotion
that no other can impose.

The magnitude of passion,
that few will ever know,
that's shared between connecting souls
mere words could not bestow.

So, in this lifetime, fortune falls
on only those who will
allow their hearts to recognize
and in them, love fulfill.

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Richard Lackman 18 April 2012

Mandi, Thanks for your comments about my poems. I really enjoy poems in the classical style and obviously you do also. I had not had a chance to read your works before but I just went through most of your poems and I thought they were excellent. I especially enjoyed mind of glass. It is fascinating to see the little glimpses of life and human emotion that individual poets see and capture. I look forward to more of your work. Dick Lackman

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