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The tattoo on the back of your waist beckons to me.

It says 'Insert Below'

A fat old canadien fool,
Thought that his poetry was cool,
All the people could tell,
That he just could'nt spell,

I listen to your heartbeat,
With my ear on your tender breast.

Through the sweat our love has produced,

Wandering in the wilderness once,
I met a preacher man.

He asked me 'whats the good word? '

No comitment no entanglements,
Just hand over the cash,
And your'e home free Jack.
Five dollars, Five dollars, me love you long time.

This poem is just to get on your nerves,
Saddam hussein was a creep,
And they gave him what he deserves,
They stretched his blooming neck.

I took my girl to see little fochers,
You know the one, with the great big knockers.
If she turns suddenly, she'll put out my eye,
Sometimes they even block out the sky.

Pet my wienie dog,
Give my cat a scratch.

Solamente hay
Unos ojos
Unos labios
Unos brazos


The morning air is dry
And cool.
Gone is the oppressive humidity
The summer heat

I'm sitting and waiting for you to come back.
Somehow I get the feeling that you won't.
Is it my breath?

Why are you choking?
You said you were fine with it.

Why are you choking?

The cream of the crop, is no longer here,
It's not that I miss him, or am in tears.
It's just that there's no more funny poems and works.
With mispelled words and and funny little quirks.

You scream like a banshee.
Lost in your ecstasy.

Your climax is like a freight train,

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Your Tatoo

The tattoo on the back of your waist beckons to me.

It says 'Insert Below'

And I DO.


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Juan Olivarez 01 October 2011

I see you live in Eagle Pass. That is not too far from here, I may be 58 years old But I bet I can come up there and tear you a new one.

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Juan Olivarez 29 September 2011

I do not know who you are, and I don't want to know, but stay away from my page. I don't need your stupid comments about my wife. Lay off now.

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Claudia Krizay 28 April 2011

If I could I would cut you up into pieces, grind you up in my garbage disposal and throw your guts in the middle of the street.

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