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I was born in Nyssa Oregon while my parents who were farm workers were picking cherries and working in the potato fields in Idaho.I grew up in Mission Texas and attended Mission High scool where I first attempted to write poetry. While in high school I had two poems published in Focus magazine, 'What is War in 1972' and The Clouds' IN 1973. I have ...

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Happiness is being home again,
Happiness is walking in the rain.
Happiness is waking with no pain.

What Are We?

After all is said and done,
What are we?
Are we gold or silver,
Or a sparkling diamond in the rough?

Your Voice

I hear your voice,
Of the day or night.

Gossamer Wings

I had a dream, that I could fly,
On gossamer wings, in the clear blue skies.
Floating above the Earth below,
Going where the air currents chose to go.

A Dream That Died

A dream just died,
Wasted away.
A long time it cried,
It hoped to stay.

Juan Olivarez Quotes

17 November 2014

The Devil knows more because he is old Than because he is the Devil.

08 May 2015

When a man, or a woman, can make you cry with the simplest of words, that being, is a poet.

23 February 2016

It doesn't matter that the water is shallow you can't swim.

23 February 2016

If the fire is blazing don't add gasoline.

Juan Olivarez Comments

Smoky Hoss 31 August 2011

Juan is a poet of intense abilities, he seems to see so much in life's happenings, in the world's movement, and then best of all he so articulately and wonderfully translates it all to us through his poetic vision. And we therefore are blessed to receive the fruits of his gift for writing. Read as much of his poetry as you can, you will be glad you did!

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Yuen Mei Ying 30 October 2011

I want to know why you write this poem(rain, rain, rain) And i enjoy your poem very much!

10 9 Reply
Maria Segura 29 September 2011

Your poem was short this time, but I like it. I am used to your long poems

7 9 Reply
Haley Akin 29 June 2011

You a such a great poet! Very inspirational! I appriciate that you like my work! It means alot coming from someone who writes like you do!

11 5 Reply
Cynthia Buhain-baello 02 February 2012

I read a lot of your poems and I think your poetry style is wonderfully natural. It just flows and unfolds beauty in words and meaning. I like the way you write them like you are just conversing the reader.

10 5 Reply
Cowboy Ron Williams 02 July 2021

I have just discovered Juan Olivarez, and I really like his style of poetry. He writes about things that I can relate to, such as mountains and wilderness and the wonders of God's creations. I will be reading more of his work!

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sdvsdvs 27 January 2020

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Atasha Williams 08 June 2016

Great poet, Immaculate writer, Juan takes the reader into his words and flies with them to the end. Wonderful imagination when needed and he also uses vivid images when recalling a memory. One of my personal favorites is Juan, keep up the grand work my brother. Always a pleasure reading your work. Atasha :)

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Gg Gg 18 March 2016

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