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There were people who let you grow,
and still there are,

Red lines on the face
drops of sangue (blood)

red lines on the face

Have you ever looked at the tears of the sky?
have you ever noticed how we hear these lies?

but when i saw the eyes of clouds in the fall,

Take my hands brother, laugh with me
i will take your hands, i will clean your tears

smile sister, the flourish flaunt, the vision of sun,

as i walked the streets of friendship,
as i think about the days and those hardships

i breathe deeply to get the moments all,

we have dreams of the days behind
dreams that one day we had

now those dreams are lost,

While my ears hear of the love,
Is the time that I can feel the pain,
And it’s the time that the lovers will be called insane
Like looking at the poor doves,

As i stood in the crowd and look at the front,
my mom took a picture as i actually didn't want,

i was thinking about the people,

I'm sorry if you can't win,
it won't kill you or it won't make you thin

open your fire on me,
cos i haven't seen thee

open your fire on my heart,

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Do You Call Me A Fascista?

There were people who let you grow,
and still there are,

but as the sun gives you warmth,
it will hurt you too,

now, there are people who doesn't let you grow,
they put obstacles in your way

they just see themselves,
as the only Victorian

these people are called fascist
they come from fog, and return to the mist

But being an Italian doesn't mean that you are one,
it's and idiotic old ridiculous word to be done

why do we easily call each other the thing that we think?
going down from the tall parts, and then you will sink...


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Yash Shinde 20 April 2014

Bellisimo! ........Lovely poems and a lovely poet........ Marco is really good at themes concerned with love and human emotions. I love his insight-fullness and deep observational skills.......... You have miles t go dear!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 11 December 2013

Marco Angelo...a boy who wants to make differences in the universe by great steps. you are kind of hard working man who never stops trying...well done to you man. :) .

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