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For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies

In a holy land, with a strange feeling
A strange and calm feeling that comes from the heart of people
People who live pure, people who are valuable and kind
People who are great and faithful, men and women with beautiful minds

The story of Poor Frogs:

Once there was a lake that was the haven of the frogs
Frogs which were bothered by the snakes and the dogs

To the children looking for calm sleep
To the people who loves humanity from deep

The people who are tired of the today’s wars,

Fathers, the men who are like a pen
We never can see whatever is going on inside them
But suddenly that pen is finished and then?

Gathered around a big table, … just look at each other faces
We were thinking about the humanity? For sure not! What were we thinking about?
A person was writing about his own experiences, another was writing about his or her old love,
There was a person who was writing about a broken heart, and the other was writing about the freedom of us

What is the feel of trust?
You can find the answer in the dust

When you are lost in the dust in a land,

Bang…The bullet broke the silence of the lambs
It goes straightly to a pure heart of a child in a camp

Poof…an innocent body felt down

Bullet broke the air and killed a dove,
Mother's moans reached the skies above

Bullet was made by Imperialism's gun,

Dreams as green as the jungles of ilex
And the hands of happiness come for us
We sink in our laughs, when we feel the light

A cool breeze touched his white hair
While he was walking in the mystery street
Long life has made him to bend,
In front of the things those the history made

Mistakes aren't the biggest darkness
We grow up with them, they give us bless

They make the future way lighter

At a winter night under the shadow's light,
With a glow worm around his sight,
A word he said and saw the world,
Though it was cold he thanked his lord.

Two days ago we had a family meeting
But for me it was a giant hitting

We went about miles to my grand pa house

After decades of resistance and strife,
At last you can be free for the rest of your life,

Free of the Apartheid's leash,

Please look at these scenes and act,
Destroy the causer of discrimination in fact,
Hey Apartheid!

In the highest part of the blue-black sky
Where you will see the real truth without any lie
An organic organ just dies….

In the name of kind people who aren't hopeless
The people who are looking for bless

In the name of people who have a great self steam and a great view of life
The people who help other people to be alive

The story of red past is a tragedy full of nobility
It’s the history of eternal faces
The history of an unfair war
That now happens due to tar

Friends all over the world at first don't know each other
They _perhaps_ live in opposite sights and think that they bother each other

Feel of ignorance, feel of being alone is like a cracking hammer

Ellias Anderson Jr. Biography

Born on the 28th of January,1996 in a family who love art, literature and history. Ellias soon found his taste in literature and especially poetry. He wrote his first limerick when was 12 years old. Later on when he was 14, books like " the peace book by Todd Parr" , " let there be peace on earth: and let it begin with me by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller" , " What does peace feel like? By Vladimir Radunsky " helped him to get familiar with the essence of peace. Reading poems by Calude Mckay, Wendell Berry and Robert Frost in that age inspired him to start writing poems in a more serious way, sonnets of Shakespeare were also good sources of inspiration for him. So when he was 16, Ellias wrote the book called: " International Poems Collection" the book got the first provincial place in the most famous competition of inventions in Iran, " Kharazmi " and the fifth place in the country competition, yet to be the only project of its kind. This book received confirmations from the University of Isfahan and now is being preserved in the ministry of science and research and technology. Next year, Ellias with the cooperation of two hardworking and creative friends, (Hosein Heidari and Hooman Danesh) wrote another poetry booked called: A Path to Salvation. This book also won Kharazmi awards. His Excellency, Dr. Zarif, wrote a thanks letter for Ellias for the book since it includes some nice and extraordinary elements of literature, humanity, peace and international relations. Other literary academicals project he's worked on are: " Death of Sarah Black, Explosion of apartheid and the footstep of Apartheid in Vietnam" . Ellias is going to publish another poetry collection named " Peace Poems" in the close future. He's currently the second secretary of M.O.P (messengers of peace) cultural-scientific group, a main member of EAA (English academic association of the University of Isfahan, faculty of the foreign languages) and also the North American and Scandinavian mythology instructor.)

The Best Poem Of Ellias Anderson Jr.

Nature Or Nation, Or Nurture? (Ft. Nader Baheri)

For the people in some parts of Asia or Africa
where a talented baby may become another Garcia Lorca

In the rough social conditions of the third world societies
In the rough political situations and conspiracies

Where a talented boy is born in
Where all people are rough only his mother is tender to him

He will soon find that he is on the rim
of a cliff

He wants the upswing
But he may fly or be broken wing

Let him sing his song
Listen to the sound of his drums
That is like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see he is more talented than Justin Bieber

The conditions that so many people die anonymously
And the rest of the world takes them serious barely

In the rough conditions each newborn like FRANKENSTEIN
Though each of them may become another Einstein

They are the human just born to die
They are the human just to be confined

They are the human just to be ignored
They are the human, the meaning of a word

*'To die, to sleep no more '*
To die, not to be born

The difference between nature and nurture
The bias which is carved on their mind's picture

So when their Banjo is being played
*'Like the rough winds shake the buds of May'*
Like the boisterous waves of a river
Then you see they are more talented than Justin Bieber

For the people who are sinking in poverty
And for their talents, for their mercy and poetry

People who should tolerate every bad things
They can't even be alive; they should bend for the lords and the kings

The game of power and the game of being seen
For those people is nonsense and so lean

They are full of talents. But they don't have access to you tube! ! !
Also they don't have blond hair and the super expensive shoes

They are full of talents. But who sees and call them?
Who even knows these people are breathing, who helps them?

They are working hard and their talents are destroyed by others
So they see no way out, the only way is starting to bother

They will blamed by everyone, their parents and their neighbors,
Because they aren't just as lucky as Justin Bieber,

We will die with our talents, we will stay unseen
Because it's the trick of life's scene
Because we are not handsome as someone,
Because we don't use these things to be a popular one

They have the light; they grew up with a strong faith
Faith will lead them to a higher way, I love their happy face

If they become tailors, carpenters or the doctor or a brilliant sailor,
That's so fantastic, because they are still more talented than Justin Bieber

Some dies in this way, but still they will remain anonymously
No one in the world will even remember them, some remember so barely

No one even can estimate their talents, even the tailors,
Just listen to them for a once! They are more talented than Justin Bieber.
(But they are not as lucky as him)

Ellias Anderson Jr. Comments

Aung Si 06 October 2012

What I like about your work is that its to the point, and honest, its refreshing to see that someone actually is not scared to talk about these things, so many are even to scared to say anything at all, I applaud you on your work, also you are a brilliant poet as well, they may be short but it flows naturally well done....will do my best to read more...have a nice day and and live a long and prosperous life....and keep that ink flowing.

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Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

You being here with an idea, about ideal life that you dream to make everyone dream be not a dream, PEACE. You are gifted with good mind, wise and talent, I am glad you are here to share your honest opinion, my advice to you never stop believing that love can stop any hates, as peace is an essence for life, and happy so dont stop writing to promote peace or any write that encourage harmony in our life to people. You have talent to write, you have words to choose but only pick the best for all, may you can be an inspiration for many. Life is so short but what mean of life if we not giving what we have. Sometimes we lost sometimes we down but never take that as a way to fall and keep fall, challenge yourself to be better and hope your talent will evolve to be more wider, as you still have many times to expand the ability in you..I always has trust and you, and please never judge people with negative, its okay if we not win in any argument as long as we know we are together heading to the truth, must never give up. May God bless you and protect my friend, Ellias_Unwritten Soul

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Paul Amrod 24 December 2015

HI Ellias, I just received a wonderful compliment from you about my poem Take It or Leave It and I read about your philsophical approach through poetry to awaken the sleeping giant of giving the concious of mankind back to the people.Through poems we can enlighten the salt of the Earth to put their lifes in their own hands. I have written many poems of this nature as well. I thank you for your efforts and dedication to real life issues.By the way I am luckily as well a Lebanese American and enjoy the culture of the Middle East. There was a Persian poet from the 12 Century I believe that improvised his poems while dancing estatically and they were written down by scribes. Do you know his nmae perhaps? Greetings, Paul

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Yash Shinde 20 April 2014

I must say Captain A, you are fulfilling your purpose of waking up humanity in different aspects of life! ......... It was a wonderful experience to read your poems! , , , , , , And not to forget, since you are a Captain, your love for sea, can be very well seen in your poems! .............

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Patricia Northall 20 March 2014

Thank you very much for your kind comments about my poem Free Love. I shall read your poems with interest very soon, and of course kindly enter a comment. Pat Northall

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Marco Angelo 16 October 2013

We all know how sweet heart and kind you are Ellias. as we all know that you are trying to make changes we all will help you we all.....

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Captain Cur 11 May 2013

Ellias is a gifted and sensitive writer with a keen sense of humor and irony that make his poems a pleasure to read. He is also an adventuous spirit attempting to learn, discuss and utimately improve our human condition through compassion and understanding. We are currently engaged in wrtiing joint adventures, which is giving me great pleasure and enjoyment. Fare thee well, young Ellias, Captain A, in your exploration of the Universe.

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Peace isn't just in the absence of war, peace is also in the smile of a stranger who makes your day brighter!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. Popularity

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