Why Do You Love Me? Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

Why Do You Love Me?

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Why do you love me is the question I always ask
When i tend to nag needing your attention
Getting more demanding when you don't move fast
why do I love you, if you really want to know
Well let me start by saying you've got one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen
when problems arise you're always silent
leaving me in the dark
Part of me wants to be that shoulder you lean on
whenever you're having a bad day
when you feeling down and angry
I never known you to be that way
you're always so gentle
you're always so patient
I love how you accept me into your life
yes, even when I don't seem so understanding
I play it back and forth in my mind
Dragging you through the times
Want you to know that I love you
want you to know that I care
Want you to know that I'll be here for you
when no one else is going be there
I may not understand alot of things
but I need for you to understand
How I'm feeling when it comes to you
you touch my heart
like no other can
I going be here with you
even until the end, the end

Chinedu Dike 16 December 2019

A beautiful love poem written with clarity of thought and mind. Lovely and very passionatep Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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