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I like, your taste...
I like, your style...
I like the thoughts
behind your smile.

Your existence makes my spirit rush
Pressed lips upon my skin
Quivers my soul with a simple touch
Stoking the gemstones fire deep within

Gradually rocking, drifting, swaying
Your whole life viewed, through a sliver
Soft ocean waves gently tucking in
Cherished is, this final glimmer

It is in your actions, your words
Your backwards glance
In the moments of chance it manifests
Deep within a heaving breast, a sigh

Lead me there
To your favorite chair
Sit me down
Fingers through hair

Morning starts with my ringing alarm
It pommels my senses
Like a seasoned pugilist
Taunting me to strike back

I close my eyes and
the lids like screens reveal my dreams
It seems, time has aged all hopes of
any accomplishment the future holds

Her soft touch and soft smile
Stayed with me awhile but, for tonight
Distant are the shores and cries of my plight
Not in this life, not in this light

I have yet to write my greatest work
Pondering and postulating, in words diverse
Each poem ‘till then a mere rehearse
Toward the work of greatest verse

Can love exist on the back of a pack mule?
Occasionally resting to drink in the hopes of a dream
Exhausted and weary, dreary the journey
Thirsting unperturbed with no in-between

The darkness looms
Evil blooms
An effervescent aroma
Fills the air

I have recently discovered
Beauty is in kindness
Due in part to my recent
And gradual blindness

And, so you say
And I, so say
I want to get you in every way


I knew you were trouble
That very moment
You caught my eye

Strolling through, I with you
Blooming, colorful meadows.
Anxious sweat in palms.
Each breath you give

Hello my beautiful water nymph
My anguished heart seduced by thee
Through eyes forlorn I yearn to see
Your flowing hair and supple beauty

'my friend, judge not me,
Thou seest I judge not thee.
Betwixt the stirrup and the ground
Mercy I asked, mercy I found.' William Camden

Roof over head
Food in the fridge

You see, I can’t love you
My heart belongs to another
and another, and another and you
It’s true, I just can’t love you

Right now, I am just sitting here
Feeling uninspired, wondering why
Instinctually reaching my hand into a bag of chips
Salivating, eating one right after another

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do you really understand the correlation between the words? it is the feed back i seek. week after week. so, if you read. please proceed. to leave a review. or two. thanks for reading my poetry, . marcus generations from now the poems i write will only be known as 'anonymous'. and only then will i be known.)

The Best Poem Of Marcus McKinley

Seventh Heaven

I like, your taste...
I like, your style...
I like the thoughts
behind your smile.

I like the cognition,
beyond your eyes.
Beyond your looks
I like your reprise.

You know me to well,
I need not say a word.
With one fleeting glance
my intentions are heard.

With one gentle caress
my passions unfold.
Transfixed in your kiss,
your love spell, takes hold.

Elation, mind racing...
Penetrating, breath taking
needing more... and more... of you.

Slipping deeper...
into your love.
Slipping deeper...
the surface above.

Succumbing, yielding,
giving in.
I am drowning, in you,
in sin...

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David Mclansky 17 July 2013

You are a writer of whom I'm jealous, But how can slumber be ever zealous?

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Big roads lead to great places and big smiles lead to happy faces.

Troubleshooting is a time consuming process, that can not be rushed, and requires managerial patience!

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Marcus McKinley Popularity

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